Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we work toward resuming public worship, Timothy’s leaders have kept several goals in mind. When we resume worship in person, we want it to be as close to “normal” as possible without many changes to the service and experience. We want people to feel comfortable socializing while respecting others’ choices regarding their health and safety. We want to provide worship experiences for those not yet comfortable with returning yet via livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube. Finally, we need to follow restrictions placed on our activity by local, state, or federal governments.

Originally, we believed we could be ready to resume in-person worship with multiple services on July 11 & 12, basing this decision on Jackson County’s recovery program at that time. We understand and hear that many of you have looked forward to that date to gather once again as a family of faith.

As we draw closer to that target date, however, several conditions are clear to us. For example, we realize we were too ambitious in trying to resume in-person worship with three services. Based upon the recent in-person worship survey, the numbers do not justify all three services for now. In addition, we are challenged to recruit enough volunteers comfortable with resuming their duties at this time, and we are concerned about the rising number of positive cases in Missouri. However, we try to balance these conditions with the understanding that many of you look forward to resuming in-person worship and long to be together soon.

Therefore, we present a modified plan. Starting Sunday, July 12, Timothy will resume in-person worship at 10am at Wyatt Road. This is because chairs can be more easily arranged for proper social distancing and livestreaming equipment at Wyatt will allow worshippers unable to attend or uncomfortable in joining us in person.

Facial masks will be encouraged but not required unless mandated by state or local governments. Worshippers will not be allowed to greet others by shaking hands or offering hugs as part of the worship service. Bulletins will not be printed, and the offering will be collected in the lobby at the end of the service. We ask that you please show respect to your fellow worshippers regarding their preferred choices. Timothy’s leaders will continue to monitor the COVID situation and work to resume worship at RD Mize in the weeks ahead.

Holy Communion will also be offered on July 12 through a special drive-by communion service from 1-3pm at Wyatt. We urge you to participate in the 10am service, either online or in-person, and then come to the Wyatt Road Campus starting at 1pm. Sign-ups are not required.

These are difficult, unprecedented times for all of us. We ask for your continued patience and prayers as we together respect and protect our Timothy family. We value your support and encouragement, and we look forward to gathering with you in worship soon.

Under the mercy,
Pastor John