Heroes is our theme and our emphasis in acknowledging and thanking those who continually strive to support and uplift the Timothy Lutheran School Ministry. This week, I want to focus on the student athletes, their coaches, volunteers and parents. Not only are they Ambassadors for TLS, but they are also splendid Ambassadors for Christ. It was sheer joy to receive the following letter recently:

Timothy Lutheran School Fans and Players and Coaches,

I just wanted to apologize again for the mix-up on the referee time at our game Saturday. I know many of you had things to do and I pray that this didn’t cause any issues for you. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

You all at Timothy are the most kind and gracious people and this shows in your players! They had the same happy and positive attitudes that the coaches had! What an amazing way to share God’s love to others. Our school absolutely enjoys having you at our facility and we enjoy when we get to play you guys in all sports!

I pray that you all had a wonderful rest of your weekend and if you had more games, that they went well! See you all at the tournament!

God’s Richest Blessings
Amy Wisneski
Athletic Director, St. Paul Lutheran School, St. Joseph, MO

This is our ministry at work. This is manifestation of the Living Christ in our youth. It is the example and role model of Christian adults taking the time and energy to instill character and integrity in our youth. These are the Heroes of TLS and testimony that our ministry is effective. Thank you to the coaches, students, parents and volunteers for making our athletic program successful. Our success is not about winning the game on the court; it’s about winning the game in life.

In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness.Titus 2:7

In His Service,
Ken Holland
School Administrator