Timothy’s Call Process for Senior Pastor

Timothy’s call process for a new senior pastor is underway. The Executive Board President, Director of Elders, and our two associate pastors held a meeting on June 19th, to discuss the transition period and the need to fill the call vacancy. The first thing in filling a call vacancy is contacting the LCMS Missouri District President and the Circuit Visitor for advice and assistance which was completed June 25th by the Director of Elders. Under their guidance, our first congregation task is to establish a call committee.

The call process is a creative and reflective time for the congregation to assess and clarify our mission, vision, goals, and strategies. It is important that we are deliberate and patient in determining God’s will and purpose as we move forward.

In order to work through this call process, we need members who are willing to serve on the call committee. The church leadership agrees the committee membership should represent the diversity of the congregation (men, women, young, old, new and long-time members) and represent a wide cross-section of congregation life – worship, youth, family, and care ministries. There will be 5 members from the leadership core and 4 to 8 congregational members.

Therefore, we are asking members to prayerfully consider serving on the call committee. Besides being a voting member (18 yrs. or older), the qualifications for a committee member are:

  • Attends worship regularly
  • Grows in their faith through group and/self – study
  • Exercises their spiritual gifts through volunteerism
  • Understands and identifies with the core values and the mission of the Timothy
  • Values other opinions and can work in a team environment
  • Believes in the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit in the call process

Please prayerfully consider serving on this important committee and if you are so led, please fill-out the application form.

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