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Update from Jake

“Greetings from the Seminary,
I hope you are enjoying the brisk weather of a Missouri fall. I really missed the seasons while I was in Florida, so this fall I think I’ll give myself a very clique experience.  I’ll seek out a farm that gives hayrides. I’ll join families and tourists in a hay-filled cart, pulled behind a tractor. I’ll hold a hot cup of cocoa ever so slightly below my nose for a couple reasons that I think I’ll leave to the imagination. And I’ll take in the beauty of nature: the trees with their colors, the crispness of the browning grass, and the fluffy, white clouds that sail across the cool, blue sky. It’s something small, it’s nothing really, but it’s a gift from God.

That’s why I’m telling you about my hopes for the fall. Because I want us all to see the world through that lens. To consider that everything we have and behold, everything that we love and hate is a gift from God. The squirrels in the trees and the chilly bite of the wind is a gift. The joy of friends and family and the stress of a busy season is a gift. Even the time I’m taking to write to you is a gift. And it’s a good gift. We read that in the beginning God created all things. That’s where we usually stop, but I’m trying to remember the next few words, too. I’m trying to remember that God created all things good.

Right now, I’m feeling a bit swamped. I’ve started the call process and that means paperwork. Lots of paperwork. But also a lot of meetings and interviews. And in the meantime, I still have classes to attend and a job to work. What I’m feeling is not special or new; in fact, many of you are probably feeling the same weight of busyness. We want to do everything that we do. We value it, but it can start to wear on us and make us weary. So now, more than ever, we should remember that God created all things good. That there is joy even in that “swamp.” This morning, or this afternoon, or whenever you read this, I hope you’ll do as I did when I wrote this. Take a moment to say a prayer. Thank God for these good gifts and ask for His help in the midst of our crazy lives. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

God bless,
Jake Bellinghausen”

Thank you, Jake, for staying in touch with your Timothy family. We enjoy your updates and continue to pray for you in your journey at the seminary at St. Louis.

Hillcrest Graduation

Timothy’s most recent Hillcrest resident, Vonzell, graduated from the Hillcrest Transitionall Housing program this past Sunday, Oct. 4. Timothy’s Hillcrest leaders, Dan & Pam Sbisa, attended the graduation and share that, due to COVID concerns, sending additional people to the celebration was discouraged. However, that didn’t dampen Vonzell’s appreciation for all that Hillcrest and Timothy has helped him accomplish.

Vonzell’s last day at Hillcrest was yesterday, Oct. 5. He is proud to now be employed by Fed-Ex and looks forward to moving back to Ohio in November.  The Hillcrest staff shared that while Vonzell lived at Hillcrest, he was able to provide some financial support for his two school-age children. He is very thankful for Hillcrest helping him get on track, especially as he was able to better care for his kids.

Vonzell appreciated Timothy’s graduation gifts:  Jesus Calling devotional, quilt, gift card, and brownies! He also appreciated prayers and Timothy’s support during his stay at Hillcrest. Please continue to pray for Vonzell. He has a big heart and clearly wants to change his life to help his kids in theirs.

Thank you, Timothy, for your continued support of Hillcrest Transitional Housing. While Team Timothy implements the logistical details of Timothy’s Hillcrest apartment, this ministry would not be successful without everyone’s prayers and financial support. We look forward to hearing about the new resident in Timothy’s apartment. Thank you, Team Timothy, for getting the apartment ready for the next family waiting to move in and get their lives “back on track.”

Celebrating Timothy’s Faith Chest Ministry

The sacrament of Baptism is always a special event at Timothy as families and the congregation witness each person becoming a Child of God. Families take home special mementos from the church to cherish as their special one’s faith in Jesus grows. For nearly 20 years, one of those special gifts is a Faith Chest which the family can establish as a small altar and special place to hold the baptismal candle and baptismal banner (also special gifts from Timothy!) as well as Christian books, Bibles, crosses, and other teaching tools.

Timothy thanks Lee Pryne, Gary Piercey, Cliff McCormick and Clint Johnson who, over the years, have quietly created these Faith Chests. Their “behind-the-scenes” work included everything from purchasing just the right kind of wood, cutting the wood, assembling the chests, and delivering them to church for the special presentation at the baptism ceremony during worship. They insist it is not hard work and a labor of love for each of them.

It is time to seek new volunteers for this ministry. Both Lee and Gary are stepping away, but Cliff and Clint are willing to stay on to meet new woodworking/carpentry enthusiasts so this ministry can continue for future baptisms at Timothy. They all insist it is not hard work, and they enjoy the opportunity to use their talents to honor God. We praise and thank God for their willingness to serve in this ministry for so long.

If you can offer your interest and skills to the Faith Chest ministry at Timothy, please contact Diane Mayfield ( or 816.228.5300 Ext. 8040) very soon. Thank you!

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