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Waiting for Spring to Come:  A Devotion

It’s that time of year when life is emerging from the earth. My excitement gets the better of me, and often I roam the outside, anxious to see if anything has begun to pop through the dirt yet. I have faith. The flowers I planted in hope will emerge, busting through that dirt. The time will come. And I know there is absolutely nothing I can do to make those flowers come up any sooner. It is hard to wait, and I would love to put a rush on them, but they need their time deeply buried. So I wait.

It is no different with the seasons in life. We know after long, hard seasons, the time will come for that season to end and for a new one to begin. But the wait is so hard. No matter what we are waiting for, it’s hard. We want to speed things up instead of allowing the time needed. We want to fix it. We want to heal it. We want to force it. But God calls us to be faithful and to trust Him and His timing.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

Trust and hope come in the middle of waiting on God. When we move our focus from what we are waiting for to Him, we can find a sense of peace in His plans and hope in Him. God is always at work. Just like the work being done in those seeds, bulbs, and roots that we cannot see, we can know and trust that God is working on our behalf. Even when we can’t see it, even if it seems to be taking forever, even if we don’t understand, the seasons will change, the plants will burst forth, and God will come through

Cancer Prayer Service
Guest Speaker, Robin Hochgrebe

Timothy welcomes Robin Hochgrebe as a guest speaker at the Cancer Prayer Service on April 18, at 3pm in Wyatt Auditorium. Well acquainted with health trials, Robin is familiar with navigating the medical system for a variety of reasons. She spent many years working as a medical assistant, then later earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in social work from the University of Missouri, intending to practice medical social work. In May 2013, she married Ryan Hochgrebe, Timothy’s most recent addition to the pastoral staff, which changed the direction of her life from a working, single-parent household to walking alongside her husband and congregation in Folsom, CA, as the pastor’s wife and stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher.

Robin’s health began showing signs of deterioration in 2016, just two years after Heidi Grace was born. She was admitted to the hospital for jaundice and elevated liver enzymes, but the doctors could not explain the cause after a litmus of blood tests and scans. After a second hospital stay in San Francisco, the specialists diagnosed symptoms as a rare condition called Autoimmune Hepatitis. Two years after this diagnosis, under the supervision of her physician, Robin discontinued medication for the autoimmune disease. In November 2018, she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), a rare subtype of breast cancer which only affects 15-20% of women with breast cancer. The “triple negative” translates to negative for three hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and Her2). Most breast cancers are driven by at least one, if not all three, hormones. In July 2020, Robin learned she has metastatic breast cancer, spreading to her lungs.

Much research is still needed to learn what actually drives TNBC. This diagnosis equates to less treatment options for Robin as well as makes immunotherapy a gamble due to the history of autoimmune disease.

While health has certainly been a challenging obstacle to navigate, the Lord wastes nothing! Through this journey of health trials, the Lord has used it all to reveal His ever-present hope and peace in the midst of life’s biggest storms. Robin will share how the Lord has walked with her family through the storms of life in hopes that it may encourage and impart hope to those who face their own storms, no matter how big or small.

Robin will speak with us and share her story through the valleys as well as the heights where God’s love meets us. Inspired by the following verses, come hear what the Lord can do in the midst of our difficulties…
We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9 NLT
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3:5-6

Pastor Ryan and Robin Hochgrebe have two beautiful daughters, Carmen (20) and Heidi (6). For the past eight years, they have served at Mount Olive Lutheran Church—LCMS in Folsom, CA. They will soon join Timothy and enjoy closer proximity to family in Missouri and Illinois.

Additional Information about the Cancer Prayer Service:  Sunday, April 18, 3pm, Wyatt Auditorium
Contact Pastor Rod Lindemann:

Volunteer Appreciation Month

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! Thank you, Timothy, for not only donating  time, talents and treasures for Timothy’s various ministries but also readily assisting family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and whomever needs you outside of Timothy’s ministries. You share the love of Jesus in so many ways! Volunteers are certainly priceless!

If you are looking for ways to serve at Timothy, please know there is a place for you, now more than ever. Please call the church office to find out how you can connect to a ministry that interests you.

Worship Update

Until further notice, worshippers need to continue proper 6’ social-distancing guidelines and wear masks as well as complete the attendance slips available at the table in each lobby. The attendance slips and offering envelopes will continue to be collected at the table. At RD Mize, the pews in both side sections will be taped for every other pew availability. Worshippers in both middle sections are asked to continue courteous respect with social distancing. If proper social distancing can occur by self-monitoring, tape will not block every other pew in the middle sections. At Wyatt, some chairs will be removed and also spaced further apart. As explained in the next article, as worshippers volunteer their time and talents by completing the survey link, more room will be available through the offering of additional services. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Volunteers for Additional Worship Services and FaithRoots

As the world around us begins to open up, Timothy’s staff and leaders are in the process of seeking volunteers to serve in the areas of worship services and our Sunday morning children’s program, FaithRoots. Over the course of the past year of the pandemic, several volunteers stepped away from serving due to COVID concerns, requiring staff and leaders to recruit others to serve for the limited offerings of services and children’s classes (which were moved to Wednesday evening). Resuming more opportunities is contingent upon increasing available volunteers again.

Is God calling you to serve? As we gather names of those willing to serve, we can continue the process of re-opening as mandates are reduced and more people return to in-person worship, Bible studies, and children’s classes. During the next 2-3 weeks of gathering names, we can better determine when and how additional opportunities can be resumed. Without sufficient volunteers, we will not be able to do so. Please follow the link below to mark how you can serve! Thank you in advance for your willingness and dedication to serve.

Volunteer Survey

Adult Volunteers Needed for Youth Event

Adults—we need you! Have you been wanting to get involved with student ministry? We welcome you to complete the following sign-up form to join us in leading the LCMS Take Heart Virtual Youth Gathering Event on Sat., April 10, from 7-10pm in the Youth Room at RD Mize. Please visit Timothy’s Student Page to sign up! This will be an opportunity to not only support Timothy’s youth and their friends but also a chance to experience some amazing guests provided by LCMS. Questions?  Contact Sarah Hinkle ( or Ryan Kuecker ( Thank you!

Spring Workday

A work party on Saturday, April 17, from 8am-noon is forming to landscape the RD Mize playground. Your help is needed and appreciated! Please bring shovels and rakes to help spread dirt and grass seed. Please contact Louie Wilbers ( to sign up and for additional details.

LWML Spring Rally

The LWML MO District KC South Zone 2021 Spring Rally will be Saturday, April 24, with the theme “Sing unto the Lord” (Col. 3:16) at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 310 Johnston Pkwy, Raymore, MO. Program: Societies will present a hymn or Christian song. Gifts from the Heart: monetary donations for Our Redeemer Lutheran Church to purchase food vouchers (make checks payable to “KC South Zone LWML”). Registration begins at 9am, opening devotion at 9:30am. Cost is $5.00 (includes breakfast refreshments); bring your own sack lunch if you want fellowship with others after the rally. RSVP to Susan Ready ( or to Donna Scholtes (Bethlehem) at 816.550.5790 or by April 12. Masks and social distancing required.

Youth Ministry “Egg My Yard” Fundraiser a Huge Hit

Thank you, Timothy, for your tremendous support of this new youth fundraiser! If you are a stats person, you will appreciate these numbers:  30 youth, accompanied by 12 different drivers, visited a total of 34 different homes, spreading 1,880 plastic eggs (with one egg per yard containing a He Is Risen message and invitation to Timothy’s services, approximately half going to non-Timothy members). And, by the way, a total of $890 was raised for youth ministry events/projects, but that is secondary to the fun, fellowship, and outreach opportunities in proclaiming that Jesus Is Risen!

Sunday Evening Youth Bible Study times will change to 5-6:30pm for the spring/summer months, starting April 11 until August 31.

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study will meet in the Fellowship Hall, starting this Sunday, April 11 from 10:15-11:15am, continuing with the topic “What Is God’s Truth?”

Rachel House Community Outreach Opportunity Stop by the table in church lobby on April 11 & 18 to support this pregnancy resource center. If contributing by check, donors are encouraged to make checks payable to Rachel House. Donations may also be dropped off at the church office during normal business hours. Gift cards will be purchased with donations for moms who receive support from Rachel House. Contact Sandy Galvin ( with questions. Thanks for your support!

Recycling Plastic Eggs Timothy’s youth group will gladly accept any plastic eggs that families wish to recycle, in anticipation of needing more next year for its Easter activities. You’ll find a collection tub in church lobby for the next 2 Sundays, April 11 & 18.

Care 201 (Congregational Care Ministry) training starts April 13 for 4 Tuesdays; contact Care Minister Nancy Nowiszewski ( or 816.228.5300 Ext. 8040) with questions and to register.

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