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9 am – RD Mize | 10 am – Wyatt Campus
10 am Live Stream –

 Next Generation Update

During the course of this week, various task forces will meet to share updates. Members of the Communication Task Force have begun asking members the following three questions with initial responses also noted below:

 What excites you about consolidating to one campus?

  1. More fellowship with all members
  2. Not as expensive as maintaining two locations
  3. Saving money with just one location
  4. Unity with worship at one location. I miss seeing people I know and miss not getting to know some new people.
  5. Nothing; not excited
  6. Nothing

What scares you or makes you apprehensive about consolidating to one campus?

  1. Afraid some people will not go south
  2. Will want to have a traditional service
  3. People might leave
  4. Afraid we won’t be offered a traditional service
  5. The auditorium won’t feel like a sanctuary which I’m used to.

What is the best way to share updates?

  1. eNotes, emails, announcements at church services
  2. Sharing has been good.

What are your questions and comments? What are your responses to those offered above? The Next Generation Task Forces need to hear from you.  Thank you!

Lutheran Bible Translators Thanks Timothy

Late last week, Timothy received a thank-you postcard from Lutheran Bible Translators, another organization receiving a portion of Timothy’s tithe. Thank you, Timothy, for continuing to support tithing so we can reach out to others with the love of Jesus. The message on the postcard from LBT is as follows:
“Thank you for your donation to LBT. You are helping us make God’s Word available to many people in their heart language.
Janelle V.”
“First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you because your faith is proclaimed in all the world.” Romans 1:8

Updates About Care Ministry Training Opportunities

Please note the following changes to upcoming training opportunities:

  • Care 101 (Tools for Caring):  On Oct. 13, time changes from 6-8pm to 2-4pm
  • Care 101 (Tools for Caring):  On Oct. 14, session is canceled
  • Care 101 (Tools for Caring):  On Oct. 15, session offered from 6-8pm
  • Care 201 (Congregational Care Ministry):  Commissioning scheduled for Nov. 22
Sept. 13:  In-person Worship (9am, RD Mize; 10am, Wyatt; 10am also live-streamed)

Sept. 13 & 20:  Middle School Youth Ministry Thank-You Card Shower& Snacks/Drinks for BSPD, both campuses

Sept. 14:  DivorceCare, 6:30-7:30pm, RD Mize

Sept. 15:  Care Ministry Volunteers Meeting, 6:30pm, Fellowship Hall, RD Mize

Sept. 18-19:  Food Drive for CSL (Friday, noon-7pm; Saturday, noon-3:30pm); RD Mize

Sept. 20:  In-person Worship with Holy Communion (9am, RD Mize; 10am, Wyatt; 10am also live-streamed)

Sept. 20:  Drive-thru Holy Communion, 11:30am-12:15pm, Wyatt

Sept. 22:  Men’s Bible Study, 6:30am, Fireplace Room (Room 302), RD Mize

Sept. 27:  In-person Worship (9am, RD Mize; 10am, Wyatt; 10am also live-streamed)

Oct. 7:  Wednesday Evening FaithRoots, 6:30-8pm, RD Mize

Oct. 13: Care 101 (Tools for Caring); 2-4pm, RD Mize

Oct. 15:  Care 101 (Tools for Caring); 6-8pm, RD Mize

Oct. 24:  Women of Hope Friends’ Café, 9:30-11am, Rae’s Café, 1605 South Highway 7, Blue Springs