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As We Gather For Worship This Weekend

When we’re in a difficult or complex discussion, we might be tempted to ask the speaker to “get to the point.” It’s a reminder to get to what’s really important, what really matters. And sometimes, it’s good for us to get the point and remember what really matters for the Church. What’s the point of God’s Church? As we look through the Bible, we see what God’s intentions have always been for his people: to be united in mission, to share His Word, to be a light to those around them.
Join the gang this week as the children learn how God provides through the Bible Event, Isaac and Rebecca. God provides Isaac a wife.

Men’s Ministry – Tuesday Bible Study Update

After nearly a five-month break, JourneyMen’s Tuesday Morning Bible Study leaders are ready to gather for fellowship and study of God’s Word. Yes, it is going to look a little different than before. Starting Tuesday, September 22, at 6:30am, we will meet in Room 302 (Fireplace Room) at RD Mize.

For now, the study will be BTOC (Bring Your Own Coffee). Also, unless you have a health reason, we ask that you follow the Jackson County guidelines to wear a mask while entering and leaving the building. We are all trying to do our best and yet provide a comfortable atmosphere for gathering.

The first series, Living by Faith, is timely as we face the chaos our world currently encounters. In the short book of Habakkuk, God provides us with an answer of how we must live even when it seems the whole world is crashing down upon us: the just shall live by faith. Faith is the secure anchor to hold us firm through the tumultuous tempest.

Mark you calendar, bring your coffee, and join a group of men ready to gather, grow, and encourage one another in God’s Word.

Receive update text messages via Flocknotes. If you were formerly registered, you will need to register again. To join Flocknotes, text the keyword journeymen to the following number: 84576

In His Service,
Pastor Rod Lindemann

Next Generation Update

“See, I am doing a new thing!” Isaiah 43:19

The 2020 Vision Review Task Team is formulating questions for interviews with previous and current Timothy leaders. The team meets again on Wednesday, Sept. 9, to finalize and develop a plan for the interviews.

The Ministry Review Task Team continues to gather information as task team members visit with Timothy members, friends from other churches, and ministry leaders & volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to contact Bob Downs (816.739.4472) or any Ministry Review Task Force members to share ideas, thoughts, or suggestions. The task force meets again on Tuesday, Sept. 8, to compile and organize notes for starting to form recommendations for ministry focus.

The following question was submitted this week:
Why are we employing a facility manager assistant? Is the facility manager assistant replacing the professional cleaning service that once worked at RD Mize? What is the rationale?

Response: Timothy’s only full-time facilities manager currently works at least 55 hours per week, compensated for 40, over and above the help of dedicated property volunteers, even during the pandemic. He is a joyful servant but can only accomplish so much by himself. Since July, implementing and overseeing the COVID regulations has increased the workload. The professional cleaning services at both campuses will continue for now, as eliminating their duties would add even more hours to Timothy’s staff. The situation will be monitored over the next few months to determine if that arrangement continues.

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Friday Morning Bible Study on a Tuesday??

That’s right! The former Friday Morning Bible Study has changed days! Pastor John will lead a Bible Study on Tuesday mornings from 10-11am in the Fellowship Hall, starting this Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The first topic will be the Gospel of Luke to see what it can tell us about Jesus and His life and ministry. Please join us! Everyone is welcome! Bring your friends!

We ask that you wear a mask, unless you have a health reason, while entering and leaving the building and during the study hour if desired. Social distancing will be followed as well.

No Timmy Burgers This year??
That Doesn’t Mean “No Food!”

Timothy’s Festival Committee will host a non-perishable food drive as part of the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce “Un-Festival” on September 18 (Noon -7pm) & September 19 (Noon-3:30pm) at RD Mize, benefiting the Blue Springs Community Services League food pantry. When the annual Fall Fun Fest was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Festival Committee began brainstorming alternate ways to reach into the community this year and continue our long-standing support of our local CSL, all the while looking forward to 2021 when the Steakburger Booth can gear up again (hopefully!).

Please consider donating any of the following items and spread the word to others to join our efforts: Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix; cereal; oatmeal; Hamburger Helper meals; canned green beans, corn, or mixed vegetables; meals in a Can (Spaghetti-O’s, etc); canned fruit; canned tuna/chicken; pasta; pasta sauce; canned tomato products; jello; dried beans (any kind); instant potatoes; peanut butter; jelly; snacks for kids (chips, fruit snacks, jello, fruit cups; granola bars, etc); Ramen noodles; mac & cheese; cake mixes and frosting.

2020 First Fruits totals $200,668.00 as of August 30th! Thank you very much!

TLS Volunteer & Job Opportunities Contact Ken Holland (816.228.5300 Ext. 8015) or Kristen Anderson (816.228.5300 Ext. 8017) to volunteer to administer temperature checks or work as After-Care Supervisor, Part-time Pre-school Teacher, or Pre-school /TLS substitute teachers.

Church Job Opportunity Facility Manager Assistant: full time, Sunday thru Thursday; hours may be split to meet church needs; questions to Don McGhee ( or 816.228.5300 Ext. 8052); resume to Carol Cronkhite (816.284.8625 or

Care Ministry Training Opportunities Contact church office to register (816.228.5300):

  • Care 101 (Tools for Caring):  Oct. 13, 6-8pm or Oct. 14, 2-4pm
  • Care 201 (Congregational Care Ministry): Oct. 27, Nov. 3, 10, 17; commissioning either Nov. 21 or 28
  • Care 301 (Stephen Ministry): begins in Jan. 2021; led by Gary Williams and Roxanne Kerwood

During This Time of isolation due to COVID -19, please know that support is available through Care Ministry. If you are unable to get out and need something picked up for you, call the church office (816.228.5300). We are here to help!

DivorceCare provides support to those who are divorced or separated from their spouse. Timothy facilitators guide participants through 13 DVD-led sessions featuring professional therapists, Christian ministers, and people who have gone through a divorce experience. Participants may attend any of the weekly themed sessions which begin on Sept. 14, at 6:30pm for one hour. Register through the church office (816.228.5300).

GriefShare provides support for those who have lost a loved one; the DVD-based program features Biblical teaching on grief and recovery topics. GriefShare resumed last night, but it is not too late to join in. Contact the church office (816.228.5300) to register.

Sept. 4 (TONIGHT!):  Middle School Movie Night, 6-8pm, Room 506 (Youth Room), RD Mize
Sept. 6:  In-person Worship (9am, RD Mize; 10am, Wyatt) with Holy Communion; 10am also live-streamed
Sept. 6:  Drive-Thru Communion, 11:30am-12:15pm, Wyatt
(Please note: Drive-Thru Communion will occur on Sept. 6 and 20; TBD if continued in Oct.)
Sept. 6, 13, & 20:  Middle School Thank-You Card Shower & Snack Treats for BSPD; lobby of both campuses
Sept. 7:  Labor Day (church offices closed)
Sept. 13:  In-person Worship (9am, RD Mize; 10am, Wyatt); 10am also live-streamed
Sept. 14:  DivorceCare, 6:30-7:30pm, RD Mize
Sept. 15:  Care Ministry Volunteers meeting, 6:30pm, Fellowship Hall, RD Mize
Sept. 18-19:  Food Drive for CSL; Friday, noon-7pm; Saturday, noon-3:30; RD Mize
Sept. 20:  In-person Worship (9am, RD Mize; 10am, Wyatt) with Holy Communion; 10am also live-streamed
Oct. 7:  Wednesday Evening Faith Roots, 6:30-8pm, RD Mize
Oct. 24:  Women of Hope Friends’ Café, 9:30-11am, Rae’s Café, 1605 South Highway 7, Blue Springs

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