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As We Gather For Worship This Weekend

When people think of the church, they often picture a building. Maybe it’s the building they worshiped in as a child. Maybe it’s a dearly loved structure that they consider their spiritual home now. But when we look in the Bible, the Church is defined as being a lot more than a building. It’s actually the people, built together as living stones, worshiping God in Spirit and in truth, that make up the Church. We don’t go to Church. Instead, we are the Church, a temple of living stones, a place where God’s presence can be found.

When to Re-Open??

As April draws to a close, many of our members are wondering, “When will Timothy re-open?” That is a question that has been heavy on the hearts and minds of Timothy’s leaders for the past several weeks.

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is complex due to many overlapping orders from federal, state and local governments. While the State of Missouri is relaxing its stay-at-home order, Jackson County’s order remains in effect until May 15, and there is a possibility that it may extend, which occurred this week in Johnson County, KS.

Answering that question is also complex due to the complexity of Timothy itself. Not only are we large in comparison with other Lutheran and non-Lutheran churches in the area, but Timothy’s ministries also have many moving parts, each deserving its own considerations. Timothy’s K-8 school ministry will continue via distance learning for the rest of this school year. At the same time, leaders are working to discern the best timing for re-opening ECC and how that will work. The leadership is also weighing options for how and when we should return to in-person worship.

On Wednesday, the Missouri District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod released a document with suggestions for Missouri District congregations to move forward and re-open. Timothy’s leadership is studying this document along with documents from both state and local governments so that we can make the best decision possible, balancing our desire to be together in worship again with the health and welfare of our members as well as being good stewards of resources and ministries God has entrusted to us.

Really what I am trying to say is that, at this time, we are still not entirely sure when we will be able to re-open. Rest assured that Timothy’s leaders are doing our best to keep on top of an ever-changing situation, and we will be sure to communicate any decisions and timelines with you as we reach them. Discussions will take place this coming week that will hopefully point us in the right direction.

We have faced this unprecedented challenge over the past several weeks. We thank all of you for your patience and support as we have navigated these uncharted waters. Please continue to keep not only Timothy but also our community and world in your prayers as we continue to be the Church in a world that needs us so badly.

In His Service,
Pastor John Otte

Recognize This Year’s 2020 Graduates

It is time again to recognize Timothy’s Class of 2020 graduating high school and college seniors. Complete the form and upload your photos on Timothy’s website under “Sign-ups.” Deadline to submit information and photo(s) is May 22. Video will be part of worship service on May 31. Questions should be directed to Otis Turner at or 816.228.5300 Ext. 8012.
Graduation Recognition Sign Up – Click Here

Care Minister Called Position
Changed to Part-Time

Upon Care Minister Nancy Nowiszewski’s retirement from full-time ministry on July 31, 2020, the Board of Elected Elders approved changing this called position from full-time to part-time, revising the duties and responsibilities accordingly.

The board is pleased to announce that Nancy will continue in this part-time capacity starting August 1 until such time that Timothy discerns what is best for its ministries moving forward. Timothy’s staff and leadership appreciate Nancy’s willingness to serve Timothy on a part-time basis. Now, the real question is, “Will anyone be able to tell she is actually serving only part-time??” Thank you, Nancy, for your servant and caring heart.

Timothy Lutheran School Hero of the Week

In 2017, Timothy Lutheran School found itself at a crossroads. Our very first full-time teacher/principal announced his retirement, our school had grown, and our newly founded School Board decided it was time to change the existing teacher/principal position into two: a full-time teacher and a full-time principal. Becky Barnett, our long-time sub and after-care teacher, was a natural fit to step into the classroom, but principals are often harder to find.

However, did you know that Timothy had a retired principal in its midst? But would he want to come out of retirement? As it turned out, yes, he was ready.

Meet Principal Ken Holland, Timothy Lutheran School HERO of the Week. After holding teaching positions in the Concordia and Crest Ridge School Districts and serving as a principal in the Wellington-Napoleon School District, Ken retired after 29 years as a public-school educator. Prior to 2017, many of you remember seeing him at the BS Planet Fitness. However, an educator’s heart always yearns for school and students.

So, when Timothy Lutheran School asked Ken if he was interested in an interim position, his educator’s heart said yes. He jumped right in, greeting students at drop-off with a cheery, welcoming smile and fist bump. He immediately became “an outstanding leader with a clear vision of what he wants our school to be.” It became quite clear to the School Board and church leaders that Ken likely was not just an interim leader. His dedication to TLS students and staff, along with his servant’s heart, made Ken an obvious choice to lead our school programs on a permanent basis.

It has also been a joy to witness the growth of Ken’s faith. Ken is a life-long Lutheran; however, in his first year, when approached with the idea of going back to school for the colloquy program, more schooling was not on his agenda. His deep faith was sincere; however, leading a group of children in prayer was brand-new territory. Now, Ken not only leads chapel services and the student body in prayer, but this year he is will begin the colloquy program to deepen his faith even more. When he completes these studies, he will be considered an LCMS-rostered (called) principal.

When asked to describe Ken, Timothy’s school staff offered thoughts such as, “As a fellow teacher, I appreciate how he always has the time to listen, and how he truly looks for our guidance and direction as well.” “He has a fun and caring relationship with the students, is open-minded and receptive to new ideas, and cares about the staff.” “He listens, offers support, and when he’s unable to answer a question, he works diligently to provide support and resources outside himself.” “His heartwarming laugh and joyful attitude help make TLS a great place to serve!”

When God led Timothy and Ken to each other, it was clearly an answer to many prayers. Thank you, Mr. Holland, for being our TLS HERO of the Week.

In His Service,
Kristen Anderson, TLS Administrative Assistant


Have you hugged a teacher lately? Probably not, due to our social distancing rules, but it is time to celebrate all they do for our students, their families and Timothy Lutheran Congregation.

A few fun facts to help you celebrate our amazing teaching staff:

  • Our teachers collectively have over 150 years of teaching experience.
  • Our teachers incorporate Lutheran values and religious education into every day.
  • Our ECC teachers skillfully teach social skills to our infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Our ECC teachers support our families in balancing work-life-family demands by providing a safe learning environment for their children.
  • Our K-8 teachers are highly certified in science, social studies, math, and English.
  • Our K-8 teachers offer courses in vocal music, instrumental music, art and physical education.
  • Our K-8 teachers coach track, volleyball, soccer, basketball and academic teams.
  • Our K-8 teachers have brought our students to achieve, on average, 1.5 grade levels above their grade on national testing standards.
  • Our K-8 teachers continue to demonstrate excellence in teaching despite the restrictions of COVID-19. Our virtual learning is highly successful.

We continue to work hard daily to bring knowledge and faith to our young children and students. I would like to personally thank each of our teachers for being an outstanding team of professionals. John 8:31 says, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.”

Please join me in thanking and celebrating the Timothy Lutheran School Teaching Staff: Laura Vogt, Sarah Barber, Angie Mundt, Jill Otte, Kim Brunkhorst, Becky Barnett, Judy MacLean, Ronda Krekel and Jamie Wilson. And our Early Childhood Center Teaching Staff: Mary Beth Self, Pat Wenger, Lori Young, Anita Seever, Traci Rinehart, Bev Anderson, Julie Risalvalto, Ashley Thompson, Dana Purvis, Shirley Meineka, Brittany Roberson, Melissa Madrigal-Jones, Mercedes Gonzalez, Lana Snyder, Sue O’Neal, Jolene Osborn, Marge Steinhauser, Staci Harris, Jessica Park, Debbie Campbell, Cuka Carol and Kellie White.

In His Service,
Ken Holland—School Administrator

  • May 1: Last day to drop off non-perishable groceries for Welcome Inn Grocery Distribution on May 6, 8:30am-4:30pm, RD Mize office entrance
  • May 2: Hillcrest Transitional Housing “Drive-In-and-Drop-Off” Food Collection, both campuses, 10am-noon
  • May 3: Deadline to submit online and printed congregational surveys for Next Generation Study, 5pm
  • May 6: Volunteers to help at Welcome Inn Grocery Distribution, 11am-1pm, contact Nancy Nowiszewski, or 816.228.5300 Ext. 8042
  • June 7: 15th Annual Adam’s Army Blood Drive

This Week’s Bulletin Announcements

2020-2021 Timothy Lutheran Academic Scholarship Applications now available online at Truman Heartland Community Foundation website: Deadline is June 1, 2020. Students in grades 2-8 attending Timothy Lutheran School complete the Schubkegel Scholarship application. Students in grades 9-12 attending KC Lutheran High or St. Paul’s Lutheran High in Concordia, MO. Complete the Wilson Scholarship application. Contact Christy Yager, 816.820.4730, with questions.

First Fruits Update 2020 First Fruits contributions total $186,533.00 as of April 26th. Thank you for prayerfully supporting both First Fruits and General Offerings.

During This Time of isolation due to COVID-19, please know that support is available through Care Ministry. If you would like to have a weekly call from a Congregational Care Minister or Stephen Minister, just contact the church office (816.228.5300). If you are unable to get out and need something picked up for you, call the church office. We are here to help!

Resources Many helpful resources are available to help us prepare for and cope with COVID-19 in our community. One helpful website is

Biblical Resources Free brochures offering Biblical support on a range of life topics available at church office, RD Mize Campus.

Prayer Room Just a reminder that our Prayer Room is available at the RD Mize Campus any time the church is open. When you need a quiet place to pray and the sanctuary is too large, just stop by the Prayer Room, at the back of the lobby, where you can also leave a written prayer.