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Good From Evil

Rev. Dr. R. Lee Hagan, President LCMS-Missouri District

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today. Genesis 50:20

Perhaps you have also wondered, “Can anything good come from the internet?”  It has always proven to be a ceaseless cesspool of filth and hatred that never ceases to surprise eyes by revealing another level of the depravity of humankind.  But last Sunday, thousands upon thousands of the saints of God gathered around computer screens and tablets and all other manner of devices to hear the Word of God as it was preached, prayed, and sung.

Joseph had been sold into slavery and eventually thrown into prison all on account of the jealousy of his brothers.  But all of that took place so that God might lead Joseph to be able to serve Pharaoh for the good of the Egyptians and his own family during the widespread famine.  As Joseph speaks the word of absolution to his brothers, there is also the recognition that God meant to bring good from evil.  The patriarchs, the disciples, Jesus’ own genealogy all reveal how God specializes in bringing good from evil.  He has been doing that through each and every one of us and from all of our sinful ancestors who have gone before us.

Older members from my vicarage congregation would often reference one of their sainted pastors, Rev. Edward Stammel.  Pastor Stammel would often speak about life being like a tapestry though this side of heaven all we see is that random chaos of knots and strings going in different directions without any particular rhyme or reason.  But when we reach the new heavens and the earth, we will be able to see how God was at work through the chaos as He was accomplishing the good that He intended to bring.  During the hard days which we are currently facing, we can find solace that God can and does bring good from evil.  Now is the time for the Church to recognize that we are not simply a building, but those have been called by God and sent to love and serve our neighbors.  Even in this time of a global pandemic, God is working good as His Word fills Facebook and the Internet through Pastor’s sermons and daily devotions and Bible studies.  God is working good as Christians serve in their unique callings and by telling of Christ’s love.  God is working as families are slowed down from all of their activities and parents step forward to teach their children about Christ’s love in the home.  If the only good you thought could come from the internet were funny dog videos and cat memes, you’re wrong.  God is using the internet for good that many people should live eternally through faith in Christ Jesus!

Prayer – Almighty God, our heavenly Father, Your mercies are new every morning; and though we deserve only punishment, You receive us as Your children and provide for all our needs of body and soul. Grant that we may heartily acknowledge Your merciful goodness, give thanks for all Your benefits, and serve You in willing obedience; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.

Fraternally in Christ,
President Lee Hagan

Stay Connected on the Web

For the latest updates concerning Timothy’s worship and ministries opportunities visit us on the web and stay connected at On the web you will find our online services, office hours, how to connect with staff and leaders, and the most current email updates.

Online Children’s Ministry Bible Study 

We have an amazing team of volunteers in Children’s Ministry who are preparing an online version of FaithRoots for our young students to stay connected to Jesus and grow in faith.

Coming this Sunday our students with see the familiar faces they have grown accustomed to meeting on Sunday mornings. Our online FaithRoots will be available on the Timothy website and the Timothy Lutheran Children Facebook page:

Join this awesome opportunity as the students explore the Good Samaritan and learn how God desires we all help our neighbor!

Timothy’s Powerful Prayer Chain 

Talking to God in prayer brings us closer to Him and to each other. Its power is far-reaching in all circumstances, whether we praise and adore His Holy Name, seek His guidance, ask for His presence in our lives, submit specific joys and concerns, or just plain talk to Him.

Timothy’s Prayer Chain reaches many people every week. Are you one of the 142 people receiving prayer requests from Gloria Cundiff, Timothy’s Prayer Chain leader for the past 38 years? Do you know how simple it is to participate? Have you ever noticed the weekly bulletin message of how many prayers were lifted to God through Timothy’s Prayer Chain during the previous week? If you or anyone in your family has ever requested a prayer “go through” Timothy’s Prayer Chain, you have felt the love of God and your fellow Timothy family.

Timothy’s Prayer Chain has a rich history! Stay tuned until Timothy’s next eNotes issue to find out about it. In the meantime, let’s expand the Prayer Chain to be congregation-wide! Contact Gloria Cundiff ( today to join this ministry. God’s blessings on all of your prayers, for we all know the Power of Prayer!

Timothy Lutheran School’s HERO

This week, we are blessed to honor Becky Barnett as our Timothy Lutheran School Hero. She has been a part of the Timothy Lutheran School family in many capacities, and we benefit greatly from her knowledge and expertise of more than 40 years in her teaching career. In addition to holding titles of “Greatest Chiefs Fan,” “Concession Stand Guru” and “Recycling Queen,” Mrs. Barnett is the middle school math and science teacher at TLS.

Always willing to volunteer her time outside the classroom, Mrs. Barnett’s generous servant heart extends to the leadership teams of Timothy’s Coffee & Donut Ministry and Timmy Burger Red-Shirt Ministry.

Mrs. Barnett’s colleagues truly appreciate her. “I love her sense of humor; her loud, boisterous laugh; and her love for teaching. She is a joy to be around. Always.” “She is such an amazing part of our team.” “She is wonderful at explaining math and makes sure the students really understand it before moving on to the next concept.” “She works hard to prepare her students for future grades!”

Mrs. Barnett is known to give her students every chance possible to succeed. They recognize this as evidenced in these comments: “She is amazing at math. She knows everything about it.” “I love her laugh.” “She makes learning fun.”

As a principal, I appreciate that Mrs. Barnett is always ready to take on a challenge. She approaches new situations with a positive attitude, supporting her colleagues through just about anything. Fellow teachers commented that, “Becky is fearless. Even if she is approaching a new task, she always says, ‘We will figure it out.’” “Becky has been a ROCK STAR with this whole remote teaching/teaching online stuff during this health crisis. She sets up a video class every day and has been talking one-on-one with the kiddos. She is amazing, and this shows her love for our kids and for our Lord immensely.”

Mrs. Barnett has announced that she is stepping away as a teacher at TLS at the end of this school year. We are sad to see her leave and know that our TLS Family will not be the same without her. She fills our halls with laughter, ensures high levels of learning, keeps us updated on the latest Chiefs stats and frequently volunteers to support the many TLS activities. When I turn to scripture, this passage speaks to her nature: God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them. Hebrews 6:10

Thank you, Mrs. Barnett, for your years of service, your generous heart and the gifts you have shared with us. May you be blessed in all your endeavors. You are a Timothy Hero!

In His Service,
Ken Holland
Principal, Timothy Lutheran School

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Just go to the Timothy website:

On the menu bar at the top of the page, select “Give”. In the box on the left side of the screen, select ‘Online Giving.’

You can designate your offerings for general operating costs, other (you designate), as well as options for our school ministry—all on the same form.

For online giving, the church is charged a 2% transaction fee. For example, on a $1,000 contribution, the church pays a fee of $20. For offerings made by check, the church pays 15 cents for each check deposited.
If you have questions about how to get started with online giving, contact Chris at 816.228.5300.
For those who want to use their Android or IPhone, there is an app in the App Store: Give+. Thank you for your support of Timothy ministries!

Please contact Chris Krenz with any questions concerning online giving.
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Next Generation Congregational Study

The congregational survey deadline has been extended until a week after normal church services resume. This is EVERYONEs opportunity to share thoughts about Timothy’s future. Thank you to the 206 Timothy members for submitting their surveys so far.

You can access this survey online at or using the QR code below. Printed copies can be picked up at the Information Centers when the church is open. Completed printed copes should be placed in the drop box at the Information Centers.

Pastor John’s January letter to the congregation stated leadership’s belief that consolidation at the Wyatt Road site is the best option. That was the strategic conclusion reached in 2013 in the congregation-wide 2020 Vision process. That being said, it is important to assure you that NO DECISION has been made. This decision is critical to the future, and the thoughts of every member are important. Thanks for your input!

This Week’s Bulletin Announcements

Church Worker Study Grants through Missouri District LWML are available for both Seminary students and persons going into full time professional church work in the LCMS. Applications and additional qualification information are available online at and search “Church Worker Grants”. Applications MUST be postmarked by April 15, 2020

First Fruits & General Offerings Updates Praise God for your outpouring of support thus for 2020 First Fruits. The First Fruits contributions for this week are $290.00 making the 2020 total $178,881.00.  Thank you for prayerfully supporting both First Fruits and General Offerings.

During This Time of isolation due to Covid–19, please know that support is available through Care Ministry. If you would like to have a weekly call from a Congregational Care Minister or Stephen Minister, just contact the church office. If you are unable to get out and need something picked up for you, call Nancy Nowiszewski at 816.228.5300 (8042) or email We are here to help!

GriefShare and DivorceCare will not meet while church ministries are suspended during the spread of Covid-19.

Helpful Resource Free brochures offering Biblical support on a range of life topics available at church office, RD Mize Campus.

Prayer Room Just a reminder that our Prayer Room is available at the RD Mize Campus any time the church is open. When  you need a quiet place to pray and the sanctuary is too large, just stop by the Prayer Room, at the back of the lobby, where you can also leave a written prayer.

Kits for the Homeless are still available at the Information Centers; please keep one in your car to give away.