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Praying Together

Even though we remain isolated in our homes, we can still come together as a church family through prayer. As you are able, please pray this prayer with your family in conjunction with your mealtime prayers, at 6pm: We thank you, Father, that you are always with us and care about what we are going through. We pray, Heavenly Father, that you would protect all people from COVID-19 that is impacting the world. We pray that many will come to know Jesus as their Savior during this time. In His name we pray. Amen.

Welcome Inn Revisited

Perhaps you remember a couple years ago when Timothy provided a traditional Thanksgiving meal, as well as other hot meals during the year, to the residents of Welcome Inn in Blue Springs until the opportunity was forced to curtail due to circumstances beyond our control. Timothy members generously provided the food and served it to the grateful residents.

Fast forward to now . . . Timothy has an opportunity to help Welcome Inn residents again during the current COVID-19 crisis. Under Nancy Nowiszewski’s leadership, the GIVE Commission is organizing a non-perishable food distribution to the residents of Welcome Inn, with permission and approval from hotel management. Through the generosity of a monetary donation from an anonymous Timothy family, we offer this service on Wednesday, April 22, and will continue weekly for as long as there is a need. Interested residents will sign up in “shifts” during a specified time schedule to select items for their family either in the hotel lobby or in the parking lot, weather permitting.

If you would like to help, volunteers (wearing masks and observing proper physical distancing) will place the food/supplies on tables or help residents select their items. Still others will dismantle the tables and, if any items are left over, deliver them to the Blue Springs Community Services League.

If you are interested in joining this opportunity, please email Nancy Nowiszewski now at to learn more details. Praise be to God that we can again reach out to the Welcome Inn residents with the caring heart of Jesus! Thank you!

More Community Needs

The Community Services League is still looking for volunteers to distribute groceries at the Blue Springs location (200 SW 10th St.) during the month of May. Their distribution hours for the drive-through pickup are Monday and Wednesday (9am-noon and 1-4pm) and Friday (9am-noon). If interested, please contact Melodie Chrisman at Thank you!

In addition, the Community Services League needs food items for their distribution to the community (those who can drive to the Blue Springs location to pick up the items). If you would like to donate, they need the following non-perishables: corn, green beans, spaghetti sauce, pasta, jello, Jiffy mix, mac & cheese, jelly and cereal. Thank you!

Reaching the Community

Are you and your family searching for ways in which to help others? Would you like to participate in Timothy activities that expand our ministry, either with successful efforts from the past or with ones that fall under a “think-outside-the-box” approach? Do you and your family have new and different church-wide efforts in mind to step up canvassing BS neighborhoods with new and exciting opportunities for Timothy? Would you like to participate in servant events? Are you a website-savvy person to help staff maintain a more visible, viable church website as an intentional outreach tool? Could you be a church website liaison to the BS Chamber of Commerce website to share what is happening at Timothy? Would you and your circle of family and/or friends like to grow your own faith as you involve yourselves in these kinds of efforts?

During this unique pandemic time, maybe God is pushing all of us to “think outside the box,” or maybe He is urging us to remember successful efforts in the past that reach out to others with the love of Jesus. Every Timothy member can do this. If the questions above spark an interest in pursuing any of these kinds of activities, please pray about what that looks like and how our Timothy family can join efforts to accomplish them. Or if it is a perfect opportunity for a small group of people to implement, that is great as well. Finally, if you and your family already “do” any of these things or something similar, please share.

Please contact Diane Mayfield ( or or 816.229.6849) if you have any interest in these endeavors or if you have a current story to share. The intention is that once the pandemic is “over,” we can go forward with these kinds of efforts, but maybe something can start now in the midst of the storm? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Timothy Lutheran School’s HERO

As a school leader, I collaborate daily with teachers and students to ensure all needs are met. But what happens when students and teachers can’t be in our school building? What happens when distance learning becomes the norm, where teachers and students communicate through a computer? Who can pick up where we leave off? It’s the PARENTS! Our amazing phenomenal PARENTS. They are this week’s Timothy Lutheran School Heroes!

Here is what many of our teachers are saying about our Parents: “My parents are absolutely amazing! They have been so supportive and flexible in so many ways. All of them have created workspaces for their kiddos…so that they would feel like classrooms and facilitate learning. A couple have bought new computers and printers so that their children can feel some success with online learning. They have come to school to pick up packets and books. I had two parents in particular who helped me see things from “their end,” when I was initially putting together Google Classroom.” “I have had several families share their gratefulness and thankfulness for all the teachers are doing in this quarantine time. Their emails of appreciation seem to come at just the right time, whether I’m questioning my choices for effectiveness or considering new ways to bring connection and meaning to our lessons. Our parents are absolutely AMAZING, and they bring me to tears in the ways they fight for their families, advocate for their kids, and tirelessly support the teachers.”

One teacher shared this with me, “Here are a couple of parent texts and messages that have helped my fire stay lit: ‘They miss you so much!’ ‘Our girls are loving the track practices. We appreciate all that you do.’ ‘…It’s all coming together but we couldn’t have done that without you. So please, if there is
anything I can do to help you all or another family at Timothy, please let me know. I appreciate you all so much. My heart hurts seeing the tears my kids have daily because of not being able to go to Timothy right now. We love Timothy so much. This distance is going to bring us even closer together. So much love to each of your families.’ ‘I want to commend you for what you have done in the last 24 hours. You have handled a very stressful situation with class and have put your compassion and creative juices to work to get the kids through this as smoothly as possible…I just want to thank you.’”

While it is easy to become disheartened during these times, all I have to do is think about our Timothy Family and the amazing Parents that are keeping us moving forward and keeping our students engaged in learning. We truly are a Family. We are one family in God’s love, living out our education ministry, ensuring all we do for our children is Christ-centered. Our proclamation of love for Christ is not bound by the halls of school. It says in Deuteronomy 11:18-19, “Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you li down and when you get up.”

Thank you, Parents, for continuing this mission. For being our partners in learning. And for being such an integral part of the Timothy Lutheran Family. You are truly Timothy Heroes!

In His Service,
Ken Holland
Principal—Timothy Lutheran School

Are Your Family and Friends Staying Connected to Timothy?

If you know of Timothy members who do not receive church communications through email messages but would like to, please ask them to go to Timothy’s website ( and click on “Signups”. And while you’re at it, if you or your family and friends have not submitted a family photograph for the online church directory, please email a photo to Sandy Gregory ( NOW! Thank you!

Next Generation Congregational Study Update

Due to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, there is more time to submit surveys. The congregation is encouraged to go to Timothy’s website ( and click on Next Generation. Printed copies are also available at the Information Centers if you are comfortable with picking it up there. The committee needs input from all ages (over18); both genders; all longevity as members; and worshippers at both sites. Please provide your opinions and dreams for Timothy’s future. Thank you!

This Week’s Bulletin Announcements

First Fruits Update Praise God for your outpouring of support thus far for 2020 First Fruits. Those contributions for the week of April 6-12 were $450.00, making the 2020 total $186,173.00. Thank you for prayerfully supporting both First Fruits and General Offerings.

During This Time of isolation due to COVID-19, please know that support is available through Care Ministry. If you would like to have a weekly call from a Congregational Care Minister or Stephen Minister, just contact the church office. If you are unable to get out and need something picked up for you, call the church office (816.228.5300). We are here to help!

Resources Many helpful resources are available to help us prepare for and cope with COVID-19 in our community. One helpful website is

Card Showers for Timothy Members
Marj Fields turns 100 on April 26. If you would like to congratulate Marj, you can send a card to her at 500 NW Vesper St., Room 6 South, Blue Springs 64014.
Harold and Maurine Perdue will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on April 26; cards can be sent to them at The Groves/Rosewood, Room 435, 1600 W. White Oak, Independence, MO 64050.

Biblical References Free resources offering Biblical support on a range of life topics are available at RD Mize church office.

Prayer Room Remember that our Prayer Room is available at the RD Mize Campus any time the church is open. When you need a quiet place to pray and the sanctuary is too large, just stop by the Prayer Room, at the back of the lobby, where you can also leave a written prayer.

Save the Date for the 15th Annual Adam’s Army Blood Drive on Sunday, June 7!

Do You Have A Story To Share?
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