Sunday 9:00 am, RD Mize Campus
Sunday 10am, Wyatt Campus

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Live Stream worship on YouTube – Sundays 10am
Recorded Worship Services at RD Mize

As We Gather for Worship This Weekend:
Keep Watching

Today we stand alongside Ezekiel and take a look at a downright depressing view.  A valley of dusty, dry, and dormant bones.  It’s the kind of thing we can’t bear to watch or we don’t want to see.  Yet God meets us in the valley and wants us to keep watching.  Why?  Because He isn’t done yet!

God Loves to Help

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. James 1:5

These might be some of the most relief-giving words in the Bible. “If we don’t know what we’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help.” So often in life we don’t know what we’re doing! We don’t know what we’re doing with our career, with parenting a difficult child, with the church ministries and how to move forward. What Scripture is assuring us is that it’s okay not to know! Because God is here to help.

As you move through your day, if you’re lacking wisdom today, ask God for what you need! He is so kind, generous, and faithful to give it.

Calling All Men!!
Get Up! Get Ready! Get Pumped!
Journey Men 2023 Kickoff Breakfast

All Timothy men and their friends are invited to a free pancake breakfast TOMORROW, SATURDAY, March 25th, from 8-9 am at the Wyatt Campus hosted by Timothy’s JourneyMen ministry.
Why? Because it is important for men to learn how to spiritually lead within their families, at work, and among their friends and acquaintances. Come for faith, food, and fellowship! Contact Bob Downs ( with questions.

Lenten & Holy Week Schedule

Wednesday Lenten Service: 
March  29     5:30pm   RD Mize

Lenten Dinner
March 29: TLS 7th/8th Spring Class Trip (Spaghetti & Meat Sauce) 5-7 pm
Please make all checks payable to Timothy Lutheran Church with name of  fundraiser on the Memo line.

Maundy Thursday Service:  April 6 at 6pm, RD Mize  (with Holy Communion)
Good Friday Service:  April 7 at 6pm, Wyatt (with Holy Communion)
Easter Sunday Services:  April 9; 9am at RD Mize;  10am at Wyatt  (normal schedule)

Kids Easter Event

All Timothy kids and their parents are invited to the Kids Easter Event on Saturday, April 1st, 2-4 pm, Wyatt Campus (indoors and outdoors). The kids and their parents will enjoy interactive stations highlighting and explaining Holy Week events, followed by an egg hunt. Mark your calendars & see you there!

Adopt a Timothy Missionary
Check out the display at either campus to support Timothy’s senior high going to Tulsa,, OK, in June for a mission trip. Any amount of support is greatly appreciated. Envelopes can be placed in offering plate, given to Pastor Ryan, or submitted on Timothy’s website (click on Give tab, then Fund, then Youth Mission Trip).
Upcoming Discovery Class

The next Discovery Class will start Sunday, April 16, 6:30-8 pm in the Fireplace Room at RD Mize and continue through Sunday, May 21, led by Pastor John. Childcare is provided in the nursery. Those interested in attending are encouraged to register online at (Click on I’m New). Contact Pastor John (click) with questions.
What this class is:
An overview of the Christian faith.

  • What is unique to the Lutheran teaching of faith
  • Preparation for church membership, if interested

What this class is not:

  • Verse-by-verse study of the Bible
  • An ending of moving forward in your faith journey

If you’re interested in a “refresher course,” this class is for you! If you know someone whom you could invite or urge to attend, please contact them today and then go online to sign up!

Attention: Coffee Connoisseurs

When worshippers come to church on April 16th & 23rd, they will be invited to stop by a table in the lobby (both campuses, plus Donut & Coffee area in FLC at RD Mize) to try various flavors of coffee from the Giving Bean Coffee Company!
The TLS Parent-Teacher League (PTL) will take orders for coffee beans, ground coffee, or pods on these two Sundays as a fundraiser for purchasing student needs, such as sports uniforms for the school’s sports team next year. Cost is $16 per bag, and only paper order forms are available (no online ordering) with cash or checks payable to PTL (no PayPal, debit cards, etc). A total order will be placed on April 24th, with delivery back to Timothy within 1-2 weeks. Purchasers will be notified when and where to pick up their coffee following arrival. Thank you for supporting this fundraiser!

Joining Jesus | He’s Calling!
So how is Jesus messing with you? What is He inviting you to notice, believe, or wrestle with?  What is He inviting you to do?
The truth is Jesus is already on the loose all over the place, bringing hope, offering peace, restoring the broken. And He has invited us to JOIN Him in this life-changing work. That is what it means to be followers of Jesus. But that can feel rather intimidating and leave us wondering how.
This year our ministry focus at Timothy involves walking together as we learn how to JOIN JESUS ON HIS MISSION every day. We start this journey by diving into a book written by Pastor Greg Finke called Joining Jesus on His Mission. The leadership at Timothy has already begun, and now we are inviting you to join us. Come and meet the author! We have an incredible opportunity to spend some time with Pastor Finke on Saturday, April 29th to offer us encouragement and hope that we really can be a part of what Jesus is doing in our neighborhood and community. Together, we can make an eternal difference, and it isn’t as difficult you might think.
Timothy and other local Lutheran churches will collectively host Pastor Greg Finke at Point of Hope Lutheran Church on April 29th 9 am-noon, where we will join with our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the Kansas City area to grow in our calling to be everyday missionaries in all the places we already are. We strongly encourage you to join us! Register today at . We can’t wait to spend this time with you and see how God will use it. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Ryan @
Join us for our Joining Jesus Event!
Watch the video to learn more about Joining Jesus on His Mission. 
SHINE – Serving our Community

Join over 10,000 other LCMS members across the state of Missouri during SHINE week as we let our light SHINE in our community. You, along with family and friends, are invited to join us as we gather to help Agape Pamoja share in fellowship and express the love of Jesus with students on Saturday, April 15th, 1 pm – 5pm, Meet at Timothy Wyatt Campus.

Camp Twende, a Bible camp for Agape students, is a highlight for K-6th graders in this Agape Pamoja program. The camp includes games, food, a Bible lesson, and much more fun. It will be held in the Agape Pamoja event center in KC. There will be loud music and highly energetic kiddos, much like Timothy VBS openings and closings. Volunteers will sit on the floor and engage with the kiddos during games and in small groups. Typically, 80+ kiddos attend this event. If you enjoy seeing kids have fun while learning about God, sign up for this event!

For more information and to register visit

Next Generation Update

THIS SUNDAY, March 26th, is the Special Voters’ Meeting at Wyatt Auditorium, immediately following the 10 am worship service. The meeting will be recorded and then uploaded on Timothy’s website on Monday, March 27. Voting will occur by written ballot with results shared before adjournment. Motions are as follows:
Meeting Motions

  1. Approval to place RD Mize Campus on the market.
  2. Approval for Executive Board authority to determine the fair market value for the RD Mize Campus and authority to accept such an offer that equals or exceeds fair market value.
  3. Approval for Executive Board authority to determine fair market value for Highway 7 frontage property and authority to accept such an offer that equals or exceeds fair market value.
  4. Approval of financing options for Wyatt HVAC units repair or replacement if member contributions do not cover the cost.

1.    Obtaining a Line of Credit from LCEF in the amount of $200,000.

2.    Obtaining a church Improvement Loan in the amount of $45,000.

When voters arrive for the meeting an/or exit the auditorium at conclusion of the 10 am service, they will register their attendance at the sign-in tables, receive an agenda & ballot, and proceed to the auditorium. At the conclusion of the discussion regarding the motions, voters will mark their ballots and give to meeting helpers(Executive Board, Elders, at-large members). If someone does not have a ballot when voting begins, he/she must exit and sign the attendance register  before receiving a ballot. Ballots will not be distributed in the auditorium. Congregational Secretary Charlie Johnson will announce number of registered voters in attendance. Two teams of Elders, Executive Board members, and at-large members will count the ballots and report final vote totals to Congregational President Diane Mayfield. Total number of votes should not exceed total number of registered voters in attendance. Voting process information will be posted at sign-in tables in lobby and be written on reverse side of agenda.

Recent questions/comments:
1. A huge complex of apartments is being built within two blocks of Timothy’s north site, across from St. Mary’s Medical Center. Hundreds of new residents are within walking distance. Is it possible that God called us to actively minister to this “harvest field”? Why not keep the north site for a few more years to explore this ministry opportunity?
Response: It is very exciting that new housing seems active again, especially in neighborhoods near churches. Timothy was recently approached by a developer building houses just south of Wyatt Road about partnering with new residents in that area as well.

2. I am all for the school but not for selling RD Mize  church. Look into finances of school pay for itself. Are scholarships given to member or future member of just anybody? Church attendance should be demanded.
Response: Timothy Lutheran School, an outreach ministry supported by the church, is meant to bring children closer to Christ. Families not regularly attending any church are prime examples of this outreach. If church attendance is mandated, we miss an opportunity for a child/family who currently does not know Christ. Scholarships to attend Timothy are offered to any family showing a financial need. Timothy does not require attendance on Sunday nor a specific tithe to receive the member tuition rate or tuition assistance. Scholarships make it possible for everyone to attend a Christian school not just those blessed with finances to pay the higher tuition associated with attending a private school. The TLS Scholarship Fund is funded through the annual auction, other fundraisers, and personal contributions. Over the past six years, school leadership has made great strides toward self-sufficiency because the past tuition discounts are no longer applicable. The church budget receives full tuition for every student, either through personal payments or scholarship funds.

3. The sale of the building at RD Mize will be a huge change for the congregation of Timothy Lutheran Church. When will we hear personal thoughts of pastors/executive board in our church services?
Response: The responses to the questions submitted by the congregation are the consensus of the Executive Board. As one person on the Executive Board, my (Diane Mayfield) personal thoughts follow. “There is no doubt that I love the RD Mize Campus, my “brick-and-mortar” church home for over 60 years. It is a place in which many memories will forever be special to my entire family. However, it is important for me to remember that the people of Timothy Lutheran Church are my “church”, not a brick-and-mortar building. Yes, it houses a beautiful sanctuary for worship and spacious rooms/areas for periodic  events/programs, but the ECC restructure and move to Wyatt greatly impacted daily activity at RD Mize Campus. It will not be easy to consolidate Timothy’s two campuses to one, but I long for Timothy Church to worship under one roof again. While I gravitate toward a traditional/blended worship style, when that is offered at Wyatt and I can hear the Word of God and receive the sacraments with my Timothy family in one place as the body of Christ, I will rejoice and pray that Timothy’s church family will flourish.”

4. Although not as large as 20 years ago, our church membership is in the hundreds. It is likely that some families will not be able to make the meeting on March 26 because of their jobs, family obligations or sickness. In fact, in church today (March 19), I heard the family beside me say exactly that. What is the process for those families to vote on this important issue? Are we offering mail-in or online voting, or something else?
Response: Until the church bylaws are amended to allow for absentee and/or online voting, in-person voting at the scheduled Voters’ Meetings is the only option.

TLS Academic Scholarships

Timothy families with students in grades 1-11 are encouraged to check out Truman Heartland Community Foundation’s webpage to determine if your children qualify for one of the academic scholarships below. All applications are submitted through the online portal at Truman Heartland Community Foundation. Deadline to apply is June 1, 2023 (no exceptions).

  • Theodore V Schubkegel Scholarship: Established in honer of Pastor Ted Schubkegel who served Timothy from 1998 until his death in 2014.Applicants must be Timothy members in grades 2-8.
  • Rosemary Thompson Scholarship: Established in honor of RoseMary  Thompson. Applicants must be in grades 2-8.
  • Betty Wilson Scholarship: A living memorial to Betty Wilson. Applicants must be students in grades 9-12 planning to or attending a Lutheran High School.

Direct all questions to Christy Yager (816.820.4730).

Worship Attendance Mar 12:  RD Mize 179, Wyatt 164
March 15 Lenten  88

Weekly General Contributions:  Actual $24,469.09 vs. Budgeted $28,868
Weekly First Fruits Contributions:  Actual  $1,195.00 vs. Budgeted $2,075

Youth Mission Trip: Pick up ribs THIS Sunday, March 26th. 10 am – 1 pm at the FLC kitchen at the east entrance of the RD Mize Campus.   Thanks for your support!

Church & School Children’s Skate Party THIS Sun., Mar. 26, 4:30-6:30pm, Rink Ratz, Blue Springs; $5.00 per skater, includes snacks.

RD Mize Greeters Timothy’s GATHER Commission is organizing a Greeters Ministry for the
RD Mize worship service. It’s easy and fun! Contact Karron Wands ( or 816.616.6502 if you’re interested in learning how to get connected as a greeter.

Food Donations in March will be delivered to Blue Springs CSL  Donations for April will be delivered to Hillcrest. Thank you for your ongoing support!

GriefShare meets on Thursdays, 6:30-8pm, RD Mize

DivorceCare meets on Mondays, 6:30-8pm, RD Mize

Card Club meets second Fridays, 7pm, Fellowship Hall, RD Mize. Next date is April 14. Contact Art MacLean (660.641.1974) with questions.

Thrivent Choice Dollars If you own a Thrivent Financial for Lutherans account, March 31st is the deadline to designate these dollars. Please consider choosing Timothy Church or School. Thank you!

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study “The Book of Acts—The Birth of Christianity”; 10:15-11:15am, Fireplace Room (302), RD Mize; led by Fritz Barlag & Dale Russell

Monday Evening Adult Bible Study (1st & 3rd Mondays) 6:30pm fellowship; 7pm study; Fellowship Hall, RD Mize; led by Roxanne Kerwood

Monday Evening Women’s Bible Study NEW  BOOK Joshua Winning the Worry Battle; 6:30-8pm, Room 111, RD Mize; led by various ladies

Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study The Book of Luke; 6:30-7:30am, Fireplace Room (302); led by various men

Tuesday Morning Adult Bible Study “Confirmation Review”; 10-11am, Fellowship Hall, RD Mize; led by Pastor John

Thursday Evening Women’s Bible Study (Women of Thursday) Book study; 6:30-8pm, Room 109, RD Mize; led by Miriam Lindemann & Becky Blatt; contact Becky for current book

Saturday Morning Moms Bible Study (1st & 3rd Saturdays) 9-10am, 4 G’s Wyatt; led by Kaye Gray

Do You Have A Story To Share?
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