Steve and Janel Schild Travel Half Way Around The World To Build A Home With Habit In Nepal.

Steve and Janel in Nepal with Habitat.  The community is in the most southern part of country near India. Their team is the first team to enter the community where the people have not seen westerners. Once completed, there will be 54 houses for local families.

This past week Steve and Janell Schild arrived home from Kathmandu, Nepal after joining a team with Habitat to build a home in the east region of the country near Mount Everest. This area includes not only one of the world’s most beautiful tea gardens and wildlife reserves, but also families in need of better housing.

Habitat Nepal is serving homeowners from several caste systems and ethnic groups. Despite the fact that people of many different cultures live throughout the east region, there is unity in diversity. Agriculture is the main occupation for members of this community, and monsoon winds bring enough rainfalls in the summer to support the growth of food crops like paddy, wheat and maize.

Lodging was provided in a local hotel with volunteers sharing double-occupancy rooms. Breakfast provided at the hotel, with lunch, snacks and bottled water ready at the work site. The team had the opportunity to experience dinner either at the hotel or in local restaurants.

On the work site the team was led by local, skilled workers. They helped mix mortar and cement, carry sand and gravel, soak bricks and weave bamboo – all critically important tasks as Nepalese families start their journey towards building a safe home.

The Itinerary Included:
Friday and Saturday: Depart. Grab your packed bags and head for Nepal!
Sunday: Welcome. Welcomed in Kathmandu where the team was greeted at the airport by Habitat staff. They met up with the rest of the team and enjoyed dinner in Kathmandu.
Monday: Travel. The team headed towards the host community. Along the way they learned about Habitat’s innovative work in Nepal and the team’s project for the week. Habitat staff introduced the team to the community where they stayed.
Tuesday-Sunday: Build. The team headed out to the build site where they partnered with families recovering from an earthquake in 2015.
Monday: Explore. The team departed the host community and headed back towards the airport. There was time to explore the local area and participate in excursions.