Step 1: Take the Spiritual Gifts Survey

Click the button below and take the Spiritual Gifts Survey. When completed, it will help identify your Spiritual Gifts. When they are identified, come back to our website to see what ministries we offer in those Gifted areas.

Take Spiritual Gifts Survey

Step 2: Choose Your Ministries

Choose the ministry you are interested in, based on what your Spiritual Gift Survey says are your Spiritual Gifts, and you will be contacted by a staff member in that area of ministry.

  • To encourage, strengthen, affirm, stimulate the faith, fix it; help someone get whole, call others to Godly living; needs to see lives changed.
  • To earn money, manage well, entrust resources to others to further their ministries.
  • To set goals; organizes others to achieve (how things fit together - mobilize others).
  • To minister to suffering people and offer mercy; wants to withhold just consequences; emotion translated to action; can detect/discern people's emotions.
  • To proclaim God's Word.
  • To demonstrate love by meeting needs.
  • To understand and teach Biblical truth; loves to study and research.