Enhanced Online Worship Made Possible Through Memorials

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

God can use bad for good, as Paul tells us in Romans. When Pastor Rod’s mom, Donna Lindemann, was diagnosed with cancer, he gained a deeper understanding of the spiritual care needed for those diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones. At the same time, Pastor Rod reunited with a Timothy childhood friend, Bryan Deke, who was also suffering from cancer. As time passed, it was suggested that Timothy host a Cancer Prayer Service, which led to our first Cancer Prayer Service on February 10, 2019.

Many lives have been touched through the services, but one thing became evident: not all cancer patients can attend a public setting due to their compromised immune system or lack of energy. For this reason, the services were recorded live via Facebook, allowing many more to participate. The impact of the Cancer Prayer Services and the online presence of daily prayer on the CPS webpage reach thousands of people weekly.

God called Bryan Deke home in December 2018 and Donna Lindemann early last month. Touched by Timothy’s Cancer Prayer Service ministry, the Deke and Lindemann families requested that memorials for Jim Deke (Bryan’s dad) and Donna support this ongoing ministry. Thanks to overwhelming support and the worship variations caused by COVID-19, Pastor Rod suggested applying the memorial funds toward the purchase of new equipment to enhance online worship experiences, which will ultimately also be instrumental to live feed future Cancer Prayer Services.

This past Sunday’s online service was the first time the new equipment enhanced worship. Viewers appreciated a clearer picture and sound recorded directly from the soundboard. As Timothy continues forward, the plan is to provide the needed equipment for our Wyatt worship service to be live each Sunday on Timothy’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

God is truly using a bad situation, the battle of cancer, for His glory and spreading His Word and love. We thank the Deke and Lindemann families and all those who contributed memorial donations. We can praise God in the storm!

Sewing Machines
Seeing Lots of Action These Days

What’s that sound you hear? It’s the humming of sewing machines as Timothy LWML sisters and friends are busily making fabric face masks and caps with buttons in response to facilities and organizations needing them for their personnel and residents during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order!

It started with two ladies talking about sewing face masks but not sure where to donate them. A couple days later, an email from Pastor Lieb mentioned that St. Mary’s Village needed masks for its staff and residents. God answers prayers!  Ladies started up their sewing machines, and away they went! 170 face masks were donated to St. Mary’s Village, and 25 caps with buttons (to make the face masks more comfortable to wear all day) were donated to two hospitals.

A special thank-you to Lois Domsch and her sister Mary Meier, Pat Bock, Jean McCormick, Gloria Schulz, Susan Ready and Susan’s friend Pat Micheletti for all their time and hard work. Thanks also to those who donated supplies for this effort. This is just one example of how Timothy LWML is Touching Lives for Christ in our community as we serve our Lord with Gladness!

BUT the story does not end there . . . . As a follow-up, these ladies have agreed to continue sewing masks and caps for our Timothy congregation! While not guaranteeing how many people they can supply with a mask, their goal is to make as many as possible for our Timothy family needing these supplies as we someday gather again in worship and fellowship.

If you would like to join this project (notice not limited to only females!!), please contact Susan Ready (sready2@comcast.net or 816.229.7688). If you would like to donate fabric (100% cotton) or elastic (1/4” or 1/8”), a box is at each campus to collect donations during normal business hours. Thank you very much for your servant hearts!

Timothy Celebrates with
Marj Fields As She Turns 100!

If your birthday has occurred during this stay-at-home order, maybe you felt a little slighted if a party wasn’t an option this year but still blessed to be healthy? Can you imagine celebrating your 100th birthday during a pandemic in which physical distancing is the norm and you cannot gather with your family, friends, and church family? Well, Marj Fields, on her 100th birthday this past Sunday, was surprised and elated that she was remembered.

Family from Springfield, MO surprised her with a visit through the screened window at Ladies Waterford Home in Blue Springs, and Timothy member Carol Ready organized a group of friends from Timothy to visit her outside her window in the afternoon. Special thanks to Carol, Fran & Kay Lieb, Janet Masters, Gloria Schulz, Susan Ready, Vicki Schuster, Terri McLain and Michele Dougherty for providing a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday” and for the more than 65 birthday cards she received from her Timothy family. God bless you, Marj! Only 363 days until #101!


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