Genesis 40:15 [NIV] | I was forcibly carried off from the land of the Hebrews, and even here I have done nothing to deserve being put in a dungeon. [NIV]

Joseph was the favorite son among twelve. Being jealous, his brothers sold him off as a slave removing him from the family. The Lord was with Joseph and while living in the house of his Egyptian master, the household prospered. Life was good until Potiphar’s wife wrongly accused Joseph of attempting to sleep with her. Joseph was falsely imprisoned for a sin he did not commit. While in prison he interpreted the dream of the cupbearer. Joseph asked that he not be forgotten when the cupbearer was released. It would be more than two years before Joseph would be remembered and released to become second in command of all that the Pharaoh of Egypt owned.

Joseph always had favor in the eyes of God, yet he faced a great deal of tragedy. Why would God allow Joseph’s family to reject him? Why would God allow Joseph to be falsely imprisoned and forgotten? God was preparing Joseph for greater things that could not see. After years of being in prison, Joseph received the opportunity to be released from the dungeon. Pharaoh asked Joseph to interpret a dream. He tells Pharaoh, “I cannot do it… but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires. (Genesis 41:16). Never losing hope, Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream. Joseph became second in command and after seven years of bountiful harvest, he named his two sons after God’s faithfulness: First son, Manasseh, because God made Joseph forget all his troubles, and his second son, Ephraim, because God made Joseph fruitful in the land of his suffering.

When we pray for God’s rescue, there are times it may feel as though God has abandoned us. Certainly Joseph must have felt deserted at times. God knows what is best and he may be preparing us for something greater during our times of suffering. We may feel at times God does not care or love us. It is in suffering we cling to our faith and trust in God’s faithfulness. God hears our prayers and answers them in his timing and the way he sees best. We do not know what our earthy future will look like, but we do know our ultimate hope in Jesus. Jesus came to rescue us from sin, death, and Satan. We need not fear our future for we have been rescued. God has everything under his control.

Heavenly Father, in times of suffering and doubt, help us place our trust in you, the one who already knows our future. May your will be done in our lives as we seek to live daily for you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Action Plan:

Today I will take my worries and fears to the Lord in prayer trusting in his promise to be faithful.