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Worship Service for Sunday, May 31, 2020


When you come right down to it, the mission of the Church is witnessing. Those are the marching orders that Jesus gave His disciples after He rose from the dead. That is why God poured out the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples on Pentecost. It was to send them out into the world and spread the Good News of what He did on the cross. And now that is the mission we are called to as well, to witness to the Good News of what Jesus has done.

Children’s Ministry Bible Study
Weekend of May 31, 2020
Philip and the Ethiopian

Children’s Ministry Bible Study

It’s time for this weekend’s online Timothy Children’s Bible study. Join Megan, Miriam, King Rodnae, Albie, and Gordy as they share the Bible Event

Get your energy going as we bring back one of our favorite VBS songs from last summer!

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