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Timothy’s Core Values and Goals Adopted and Approved
by the Congregation in 2013

Core Values & Goals As Adopted By The Congregation


Core Value 1. We value reaching the lost by remaining open, innovative and flexible, using all means to save some.

Core Value 2. We value godly servant leadership and service.


Goal 1. Create a plan to reduce current debt.

Goal 2. Assess current property for disposition and/or end use.

Goal 3. Create a transition plan for one campus ministry on Wyatt Rd.

The staff, leaders and members of Timothy will create an environment that encourages people to GATHER to worship and develop relationships to build up the body of Christ so that they will:

Goal 4. take the next best step to increase worship frequency

Goal 5. take the next best step to increase participation in fellowship opportunities

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Next Generation Timothy Lutheran

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you know, Timothy is studying options for the Congregation’s future ministries and the facilities needed to support those ministries. This study was prompted by unsolicited expressions of interest in acquiring the RD Mize campus by 2 other congregations. The full study is designed to learn and understand all the ramifications of 3 fundamental facilities options.

  •  Option 1 – Maintain both campuses

  •  Option 2 – Sell the RD Mize campus & consolidate at Wyatt Rd

  •  Option 3 – Sell the Wyatt Rd campus & consolidate at RD Mize

Nothing is more important to that effort than understanding the thoughts you, the members of Timothy Congregation, have on the decisions to be made.  Gathering those thoughts is the purpose of this anonymous survey.

Timothy Congregation has many ministries – some of which will be impacted by any facility decision.  Some ministries currently use facilities at one campus and some use both.  The role each of those ministries will play in Timothy’s future will have impacts on the decision making process.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful participation in this important process for the future of the congregation. 

Cottage Meeting Written Comments

(not duplicating comments)

RD Mize-related:

  • If stay, assume loss of members and giving—failed capital campaign
  • Staying near I-70 critical for wide attendance area
  • Build UP more floors
  • Sanctuary needed for weddings, funerals—multi-use room undesirable
  • Replace, not repair, elevator
  • Deep ties to RD Mize—but I shouldn’t be the focus—next generation is
  • RD Mize needs too much repair to keep
  • Need to explore building/leasing modular units for school on current parking lot
  • Adequate parking spaces not a problem except at Christmas

 Wyatt Road-related:

  • New Mason Elementary in LS School District (Lake Lotawana area) already overcrowded—opportunity for Wyatt
  • Moving ECC from I-70 will decrease enrollment
  • Keep ECC and TLS (multiple and emotional)
  • Chance to join with St. Matthews in LS for school enrollment
  • Show growth of school scholarship fund and attendance
  • Many houses going up around Wyatt—growth opportunity
  • Hold traditional/blended services at Wyatt so people can see it can be good
  • Need a dedicated sanctuary if we move to Wyatt (multiple and emotional)
  • I do not care—just need a place to worship
  • Need to focus on younger members and families—we’ve lost much of that
  • Uniting at one site is important
  • A professional church development survey is available and should be implemented
  • Look at heating at Wyatt—old people get cold easily
  • Other very successful congregations worship in auditoriums


  • ECC is a feeder to TLS
  • We are blessed with many ministries
  • We need to establish a real vision of success to inspire work toward something positive
  • We need to decide soon—not drag it out
  • We need to keep all the smaller, focused ministries’ needs in mind as we go forward
  • Closing the school or ECC is path to death
  • Deferring maintenance eventually leads to bigger problems and higher costs
  • ECC and TLS are Missions—deserve support from the congregation
  • Option 2 has the greatest eternal significance—which should be our focus
  • Explore developing/leasing or other options for the commercial acres along Highway 7
  • Need a lot more information on many facets of the decision before able to actually decide
  • Partnering with other churches on shared ministries hold much promise
  • Timeline is needed for any transition
  • We all need to sing one song—of love, peace, troubles cease—one hymn, hope & dream
  • A sanctuary can wait until we can pay for it
  • We had a bad financial outcome on Hansel Lowe—need confidence this will be better
  • End grade school at grade 5 or 6
  • Join with other churches to do a Chistian community ECC


  • We must be very conservative financially
  • We are facing financial crisis—we’ve dulled understanding that by using First Fruits for operating budget
  • A lot of the options presented rely on VERY BIG assumptions that may be unwise
  • Focus on debt first—sell whatever will sell & close ECC or School—do repairs with proceeds from sale—do capital campaign for needs at remaining property—then focus on revitalizing ministries
  • Focusing so much on debt is not Biblical—do a prayer vigil
  • Start a capital campaign now—use money for whatever direction we go
  • #1 concern—NO MORE DEBT
  • Need to lower operating expenses
  • Use quality materials in any construction we do—cheaper in the long run
  • Stop tithing until finances are solid
  • Know how we compare to costs/support for other schools
  • School tuition should pay for school costs—not take fund from the rest of the church
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