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Timothy’s Core Values and Goals Adopted and Approved
by the Congregation in 2013

Core Values & Goals As Adopted By The Congregation


Core Value 1. We value reaching the lost by remaining open, innovative and flexible, using all means to save some.

Core Value 2. We value godly servant leadership and service.


Goal 1. Create a plan to reduce current debt.

Goal 2. Assess current property for disposition and/or end use.

Goal 3. Create a transition plan for one campus ministry on Wyatt Rd.

The staff, leaders and members of Timothy will create an environment that encourages people to GATHER to worship and develop relationships to build up the body of Christ so that they will:

Goal 4. take the next best step to increase worship frequency

Goal 5. take the next best step to increase participation in fellowship opportunities


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added 11/24/2020

Final Report from 2020 Vision Review Task Force

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Next Generation Town Hall October 25, 2020

Cottage Meeting Written Comments

RD Mize-related:

  • If stay, assume loss of members and giving—failed capital campaign
  • Staying near I-70 critical for wide attendance area
  • Build UP more floors
  • Sanctuary needed for weddings, funerals—multi-use room undesirable
  • Replace, not repair, elevator
  • Deep ties to RD Mize—but I shouldn’t be the focus—next generation is
  • RD Mize needs too much repair to keep
  • Need to explore building/leasing modular units for school on current parking lot
  • Adequate parking spaces not a problem except at Christmas

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