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From GATHER Commission—Sandy Bahrenburg, VP Liaison

GATHER Commission met on Aug. 25 with Bob Logan, Sandy Bahrenburg, Gayl Calvin, Kyle Oelkhaus, Mary Taggart, Melissa Struewe and Val Leakey attending. Melissa opened the meeting with prayer.

It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the July 22, 2019, meeting minutes.

Old Business:

  • Commission Information Slides—project on hold for now.
  • Faith & Family Night at Royals—We will plan to include a group photo for next year & look into possibility of providing bus transportation, if feasible.


  • Ice Cream Social: Final preparations and plans were reviewed. Everything seems in order.
  • Fall-O-Ween Jesus: Due to circumstances beyond the commission’s control, this event is canceled.
  • Budget: Melissa & Sandy will crunch the numbers for Donut Ministry. The commission reviewed the proposal for new sound board for R.D. Mize.
  • Staff Liaison: There is no staff liaison at this time.
  • Future Discussions: Planning a winter event in January or early February, such as a potluck with bingo.

Special thanks to Val for donating sturdy shelving for the GATHER closet. The commission installed the shelves after the meeting.

Next and Future Meetings:  Monday, Sept. 23, 6pm, Fellowship Hall. Future meetings are 4th Monday each month. Kyle closed the meeting with prayer.

Action Items:

  1. Start an inventory of commission items in GATHER closet.
  2. Mary will check with her mom about obtaining ceiling hangers for fall events.
  3. The following items need a new owner: 1) investigate if Wyatt SOJ computer can output HDMI into new TV; 2) Research two TV’s and cabling at Wyatt.
  4. Prepare GATHER’s 2020 budget by end of August. In September, Executive Board will ask the commissions for their 2020 budget requests.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Sept. 7—Friends Café, 9:30-11am, Inklings’ Bookstore & Coffee Shoppe, Downtown Blue Springs

Sept. 8—School Board meeting, 10:45am, Room 302, R.D. Mize

Sept. 9—Joint Executive Board/Elected Elders meeting, 6pm, Room 302, R. D. Mize

Sept. 9—Elected Elders meeting, 7pm, Room 303, R.D. Mize

Sept. 9—Executive Board meeting, 7pm, Room 302, R.D. Mize

Sept. 13-15—Blue Springs Fall Fun Fest (Steak Burger Booth), Downtown Blue Springs

Sept. 14—Fall Fun Fest Parade, 10am, Downtown Blue Springs

Sept. 21—3rd Annual J.R. Wiles Memorial Kids Fishing Derby, James A. Reed Conservation Area

Sept. 22-Oct. 20 (Sundays)—Discovery Class, 6-8pm, Room 302, R.D. Mize

Sept. 23—GATHER Commission meeting, 6pm, Fellowship Hall, R.D. Mize

Sept. 23—GO Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 103, R.D. Mize

Sept. 23—GIVE Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 303, R.D. Mize

Sept. 23—GROW Commission meeting, 7pm, Room 102, R.D. Mize

Oct. 5-6—LWML Weekend, all services

Oct. 6—School Board meeting, 10:45am, Room 302, R.D. Mize

Oct. 6—Cancer Prayer Service, 3-5pm, R.D. Mize

Oct. 14—Joint Executive Board/Elected Elders meeting, 6pm, Room 302, R.D. Mize

Oct. 14—Elected Elders meeting, 7pm, Room 303, R.D. Mize

Oct. 14—Executive Board meeting, 7pm, Room 302, R.D. Mize