The purpose of Ministry Matters is to provide an opportunity for the leaders of Timothy to share what is happening in their ministry areas. Each Friday, Ministry Matters is emailed to Timothy’s executive board, elders, staff, commission leaders and other lay leaders. If you wish to include something, please email it to Diane Mayfield ( by 6am Thursday. Feel free to share this document as you wish.

From GO Commission—Kathy Wildschuetz, Commission Leader

GO Commission met via email in May. Discussion included the following:

  • Live Well Community Event expenditures from GO Commission: Mailing list–$47.68; Postcard printing–$253.93; Bulk mailing–$169.30.
  • Music Festival: Will partner with GATHER for the music festival and Fall-O-Ween Jesus (trunk-or-treat activity) for the same day, tentatively Oct. 26. Planning meeting on June 3. New Bridge is available to perform. Updates about performances from other bands soon.
  • Everyone His Witness: Will reach out to GROW Commission to seek possible partnering of this program for the congregation.

From Executive Board—Charlie Johnson, Congregational Secretary

Executive Board met on May 13 with all members attending. Ben opened the meeting with prayer.

It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the Mar. 11 regular meeting minutes, Apr. 9 regular meeting minutes, and the May 5 Voters’ Meeting minutes.


  • Financial:
  1. The financial reports for March 2019 were presented by Gary Flandermeyer and reviewed by the Executive Board, consisting of the Budgeted Income & Expense statement and graphs, the Budgeted Financial Exception Report, the Designated Funds report, and the Balance Sheet, all emailed to board members 12 days prior to the meeting.
  2. Gary informed the board since three months of financial data for 2019 are available, graphs of the budgeted financial information have been included with the budgeted reports and will continue each month for the remainder of the year.
  3. As previously directed by the board, plans are in place for reclassification of First Fruits contributions from Designated Funds to Operations on a monthly basis beginning in March rather than a one-time transfer at the end of the year. The First Fruits reclassification for March was $5,860 to Operations. This reduced the budget deficit by this same amount.
  4. There was a budget surplus of $12,180 for March, based on $229,517 in income and $217,336 in expenses. The March budgeted cash flow called for a surplus of $29,636. The year-to-date budget deficit is $136,982. General contributions are approximately $58,000 below budget. All bills are being paid and are current.
  5. Balance Sheet: Operating cash (Commerce Bank) balance was $276,853, down from only $8,863 from February. Current assets at $724,287 are down $10,567 from February.
  6. Designated Funds: The total Designated Funds balance was $677,938 at the end of March, a $25,962 decrease from February. There were approximately $15,000 in R.D. Mize building HVAC maintenance costs paid in March. The unplanned cost was funded by the Festival Committee designated fund to eliminate this financial impact to the operating budget.
  7. It was moved, seconded and carried to approve March 2019 financial reports as written and to release to the congregation. Gary was authorized to distribute copies of the financial reports.
  • Senior Pastor/President’s Reports:
  1. Ben is reviewing suggestions received from some members of the congregation.
  2. Timothy disbursed $40,000 this week to fund repair of Sanctuary roof at R.D. Mize and $30,000 for parking lot repairs over the past seven years.


  • School Ministry: The School Board and Ben continue to discuss details about retaining the Director of Development position. School Board is working on the contract. The Executive Board moved, seconded and carried to approve the appointment of Trent Yager to fill the unexpired school board position, vacated by Nathan Parker..

Old Business:

  • Commission Reports:
  1. GROW Commission is evaluating ministries concluding at the end of the 2018-2019 school year as well as planning for summer and 2019-2020 school year activities. The board is working on transitioning plans due to Pastor Rod’s retirement.
  2. GO Commission is developing plans for a fall music concert.
  3. GATHER Commission is working on plans for the June All-Church Potluck, Faith & Family Night at the K on July 27, ice cream social in Aug, and Fall-O-Ween Jesus in Oct.
  4. GIVE Commission is working on plans for the 2020 Live Well Community Event on March 7.
  • ECC: The ECC staff plans to submit its business plan to the Executive Board soon.

Pastor John closed the meeting with prayer. Next meeting is Monday, June 10, 6pm, Room 302, R.D. Mize.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

May 31-June 16—Lutherans for Life Diaper Drive, both campuses

June 2—14th Annual Adam’s Blood Drive, 9am-3pm, Family Life Center, R.D. Mize

June 2—Cancer Prayer Service, 3pm, R.D. Mize

June 8—Friends Café, 9:30-11am, Inklings Book & Coffee Shoppe, downtown BS

June 9—All-Church Potluck, 4:30-6:30pm, Family Life Center, R.D. Mize

June 10—Executive Board meeting, 6pm, Room 302, R.D. Mize

June 17—GATHER Commission meeting, 6pm, Fellowship Hall, R.D. Mize

June 17—GIVE Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 303, R.D. Mize

June 17—GO Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 103, R.D. Mize

June 17—GROW Commission meeting, 7pm, Room 302, R.D. Mize

July 14—School Board meeting, 10:45am, Room 302, R.D. Mize

July 14—VBS Kickoff, 4:30-6pm, R.D. Mize

July 15-19—VBS Week, 9am-noon, R.D. Mize

July 21—VBS Celebration Service, 10:30am, Wyatt Rd.

July 27—Faith & Family Night at the K, 6:15pm, Kauffman Stadium

July 28-30—Rummage Sale Drop-Off, Family Life Center, R.D. Mize

Aug. 1-3—Rummage Sale, Family Life Center, R.D. Mize