Ministry Matters Vol. 4 No. 47  November 30, 2018

The purpose of Ministry Matters is to provide an opportunity for the leaders of Timothy to share what is happening in their ministry areas. Each Friday, Ministry Matters is emailed to Timothy’s executive board, elders, staff, commission leaders and other lay leaders. If you wish to include something, please email it to Diane Mayfield ( by 8am Thursday. Feel free to share this document as you wish.

From Executive Board—All leaders are urged to attend the Annual Voters’ Assembly Meeting on Dec. 9, 2018, noon, Wyatt Rd. Campus. Agenda includes the following:

  • Annual Reports from Ministry Staff, Commissions, Boards & Committees (packet)
  • Approval of continuing Called Staff Housing Allowance
  • Election of Lay Leaders
  • Converting ECC Administrator to called position
  • Call Committee update, including approval of proposed Senior Pastor Position Description
  • 2019 Budget

From Nominating Committee—Carol Cronkhite, Chair
The following slate of officers will be presented for voter approval at the Annual Voters’ Meeting on Dec. 9, 2018:

President                                                      Ben Ryan
Vice-President                                              Diane Mayfield
Vice-President                                              Carol Cronkhite
Vice-President                                              Sandy Bahrenburg
Vice-President                                              Louie Wilbers
Vice-President                                              Joe Sauter
Secretary                                                      Charlie Johnson
Treasurer                                                      Gary Flandermeyer
Gather Commission Leader                          Melissa Struewe
Grow Commission Leader                             Mary Reed
Give Commission Leader                               Pam Sbisa
Go Commission Leader                                  Kathy Wildschuetz
Elder                                                               Kelly Twenter
Elder                                                               Charlie Cronkhite
Elder                                                               Kyle Oelkhaus
Elder                                                               Tary Krahenbuhl
Elder                                                               Mark Meyer
Elder                                                               Steve Schild
Elder                                                              Jacob Gorrow
School Board Member                                   Melissa Casper
School Board Member                                   Kate Force
School Board Member                                   Sue Miller
School Board Member                                   Nathan Parker
School Board Member                                   Rachel Pierce
School Board Member                                   Karl Zinke
School Board Member                                   Dave MacLean
School Board Member                                   Lois Domsch

From Elected Elders—Kelly Twenter, Secretary
Elected Elders met on Nov. 13 with Steve Schild, Charlie Cronkhite, Kyle Oelklaus, Jacob Gorrow, Mark Meyer, Kelly Twenter, Pastor John & Pastor Rod attending. Steve opened the meeting with prayer.

It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the membership reports.

Commission Report:  Pastor John and Charlie will lead a discussion about Communication postcards at the next GO Commission meeting.

Old Business: 

  • Elder Scheduling Update:  Jacob will email elders to determine if anyone is interested in scheduling elders for worship services. He will also contact the developer of the web-based system about possible improvements.
  • Holding up the Prophet’s Hand:  On hold until call process is completed.
  • New Member Mentors:  Reviewed submitted paperwork from Steve Schild. Team supported New Members Mentor paperwork as submitted.  Kyle will apprise Tary about the Elder discussion and submitted paperwork from Steve. Next step is to identify mentors and establish training. Target date to implement beta testing is January 2019.
  • Discovery Class:  Curriculum needs updating.
  • Call Committee:  The proposed Position Description is pending approval from Voters’ Assembly on Dec. 9. Next step is nominating phase. Deadline to submit nominations is Jan. 7, 2019. Next Call Committee meeting will be either Feb. 5 or 12, pending receipt of pastor list from MO District President.
  • Elder Training:  January 8, 6:00/6:30. Question raised about how to communicate to elders to attend this training.

New Business: 

  • Worship Service:  Discussed interim letter to fill the senior pastor vacancy and timeline to disperse it.
  • Elders Report for Voters’ Assembly:  No concerns.
  • Roundtable:  Steve moved that the Elders convert the ECC administrator position from a non-called position to a called position. Steve will submit proposal to Congregational President Ben Ryan and request that it be placed on Voters’ Assembly agenda for voters’ approval on Dec. 9, 2018.

The next Elected Elders meeting will be Jan. 8,2019, which will include elder training for appointed elders.

Mark closed the meeting with prayer.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:
Dec. 1-9—LWML Nut & Candy Sale, lobbies, both campuses
Dec 1—Women of Hope Prayer Breakfast, 9-11am, Fellowship Hall, R.D. Mize Campus
Dec. 1—NYG Cookie Walk, 10am-2pm, Family Life Center, R.D. Mize Campus
Dec. 1—ENGAGE Concert, 7pm, Auditorium, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Dec. 3—GROW Commission meeting, 7pm, Room 501, R.D. Mize Campus
Dec. 5, 12, 19—Advent Services, 4 & 6:30pm, R.D.  Mize Campus
Dec. 8-9—Journey to the Manger, all services
Dec. 9—Voters’ Assembly Meeting, noon, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Dec. 10—Executive Board meeting,6pm, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Dec. 10—R.D. Mize ECC Christmas Program, 6pm, Sanctuary
Dec. 14—TLS Christmas Program, 7pm, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Dec. 16—Christmas Caroling with the Pastors, 3pm, meet at R.D. Mize lobby
Dec. 24—Christmas Eve Services, 4 & 6:30pm, both campuses; 10pm R.D. Mize Campus
Dec. 25—Christmas Day Service, 10am. R.D. Mize Campus
Jan. 2—First Fruits Prayer Service, 6:30pm, Sanctuary, R.D. Mize Campus
Jan. 5—JourneyMen “Prioritize Your Journey” Bible Study & Breakfast, 8:30-11am, Fellowship Hall, R.D. Mize Campus
Jan. 8—Elected Elders & Elder training, 6pm, R.D. Mize Campus
Jan. 14—Executive Board meeting, 6pm, Room 302, R.D. Mize Campus

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