Ministry Matters Vol. 4 No. 41   October 19, 2018

Ministry Matters
Vol. 4 No. 41   October 19, 2018

The purpose of Ministry Matters is to provide an opportunity for the leaders of Timothy to share what is happening in their ministry areas. Each Friday, Ministry Matters is emailed to Timothy’s executive board, elders, staff, commission leaders and other lay leader. If you wish to include something, please email it to Diane Mayfield ( by 8am Thursday. Feel free to share this document as you wish.

From Nominating Committee—Carol Cronkhite, Chair
The congregation is urged to submit names for the following lay leader positions for 2019-2020:  Gather Commission leader, Vice-President, and School Board member.  Names may be submitted to any of the committee members: Carol Cronkhite, Caryn Barbee, Roxanne Kerwood, Rod Brehm and Aimee Gorrow.  Deadline to submit names is Oct. 28, 2018.  Thanks!

From GO Commission—Carol Windler, Secretary
GO Commission met on Sept. 24 with Carol & Charlie Cronkhite, Kathy Wildschuetz and Pastor John attending.

After opening prayer, Pastor John was introduced as the new ministry staff representative to GO Commission, replacing Pastor Rod. A change in meeting time and venue was discussed. GO Commission will meet on fourth Monday of each month, 6pm, Wyatt Rd. Campus.

Mission Tithes:  Charlie agreed to meet with Courtney and attend the church budget meeting on Mon., Oct. 1.

Everyone His Witness:  Discussion concerning this program was tabled until the next meeting to give Pastor John an opportunity to study the materials.

Additional Funds for Ministry:  Carol explained that additional funds to support church ministries may be available soon. Each commission is tasked to create a list of ministries to benefit if these funds materialize.  GO Commission ideas include:

  • Organize a community block party centering around youth in early June to encourage VBS attendance
  • Sponsor a community event that focuses on music concerts, inviting local bands and ENGAGE
  • Targeted mailings to announce events
  • Labeled water bottles to distribute at community events
  • Utilizing Plus One funds for any large community event

Carol will present these ideas to the Executive Board for approval.

Discussion:  Pastor John mentioned a prospective new GO Commission member, Lauren Snyder.

Next Meeting:  Oct. 22, 6pm, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus

From Executive Board—Charlie Johnson, Congregational Secretary
Executive Board met on Oct. 8 with Ben Ryan, Diane Mayfield, Carol Cronkhite, Sandy Bahrenburg, Charlie Johnson, Gary Flandermeyer and Pastor John attending. Pastor John opened the meeting with prayer.

It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the Sept. 18 board minutes.


  • Financial:  A draft of the August financials, consisting of budget reports, designated fund report, and balance sheet, were emailed to all board members on Sept. 26 for review. Gary distributed and discussed the August Budgeted Income & Expense Summary and the Budget Exception
    Report. As of 8/31/18, TLC income is 10.6% below budget; expenses are 0.7% above budget. Some good news in Aug. since the budget deficit decreased from $233,339.00 as of 7/30/18 to $184,664.00 as of 8/31/18, a reduction of $38,676.00. This occurred during a month with three pay periods. It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the August 2018 financials as reported by Gary. The board approved Gary publishing the August financial reports to the congregation and place at Information Center at each campus.
  • President’s Report: 
  1. Ben reported that some stock is being donated to the TLC Fund of the Truman Heartland Community Foundation (THFC). It will be sold and cashed according to church bylaws with cash held in a money market at THFC until transferring to TLC budget accounts.
  2. Ben updated the board about recent rain damage to part of the sanctuary roof, offices and classrooms in the 100 hallway near the playground (R.D. Mize). The board is investigating means to fund these repair costs.


  • Commissions:  Each commission has created a wish list of items should additional funds become available to fund ministries. When these funds become available, purchase orders must be written and approved by the Executive Board prior to purchases. Ben stated that he plans to visit commission meetings as time allows.
  • Nominating Committee:  Carol Cronkhite will chair this committee. Ben will contact members to serve on the committee. The congregation will be notified through this bulletin, starting this weekend, about submitting names for lay leaders for the following positions:  Vice-President, Gather Commission leader, and School Board member.  Submissions are due to Carol by Oct. 28.
  • Business Manager:  Personnel Committee supports funding a full-time business manager to relieve the pastors of administrative duties. Executive Board agrees.  This position will be included in the preliminary 2019 budget.
  • 2019 Budget:  Gary Flandermeyer issued an email on 9/20/18 to pastors, Executive Board members, commission leaders, TLS and ECC leadership to solicit input to the 2019 operating budget. These responses are due tomorrow, Oct. 9. After receipt of budget input from TLC, TLS and ECC leadership, he will prepare four budget options, consisting of different labor cost scenarios for consideration by Executive Board. Pastor John, Ben and Gary will meet on Tues., Oct. 16, to start reviewing 2019 budget financial information and the budget schedule. Board members will stay informed through email correspondence.
  • By-laws:  Discussion concerning revisions to the church by-laws is tabled until January/February 2019 in order to allow ample time to discuss suggestions for changes.
  • Payroll Services:  The board discussed the need to contract with a payroll service in 2019. Gary will discuss potential companies with Chris Krenz and then email recommendations to the board. Further discussion will occur at next meeting.
  • Roof Repairs:  Recent rains have presented roofing concerns. Ben will gather necessary information and forward to Property Committee for review and recommendations.
  • Intercom System:  The board learned that an intercom system connected to church phones is in place and working well at Wyatt Rd. Campus. A similar system is planned for R.D. Mize Campus in 2019. An intercom system with cameras is also being studied.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Executive Board:  Nov. 12 and Dec. 10, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus
  • Joint Meeting (Executive Board, Elected Elders, School Board):  Oct. 30, 6:30pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus
  • Annual Voters’ Meeting:  Dec. 9, noon, Auditorium, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Meeting closed with prayer.

From The Lutheran Church of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd (Jesu el Buen)—Pastor F. E. Eberhart
“As we transition into ownership of our building, we have faced many issues that needed to be resolved and fell behind in our correspondence. But God, as always, was gracious and provided a way to overcome each obstacle we faced. Through the generosity of Timothy Lutheran Church and others, God shows His own blessings on our work.

Please know how much we appreciate you. Gary Flandermeyer has delivered the generous fruit of your offerings on two different occasions since our last correspondence with you in March.

We life you up in prayer as we thank God for your faithfulness to the Great Commission and your consistent love and support for this outreach ministry at Jesus El Buen Pastor Food Pantry. As you also are going through changes and facing challenges, it is especially meaningful to us how you continue to reach out to love those beyond your gates. You give us an example of what it means to be the church.

We lift you up in prayers of thanksgiving and pray that God will continue to bless you as He blesses us through your ministry.
God bless you.
Pastor F.E. Eberhart

From Call Committee—Diane Mayfield and Tyler Shaffer, Secretaries/Correspondents
Call Committee for selecting Timothy’s new Senior Pastor met on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018, with Charlie Cronkhite, Pam Dennis, Kate Force, Sandy Galvin, Jacob Gorrow, Diane Mayfield, Randy McClain, Mark Meyer, Donald Miller, Stephen Schild, Tyler Shaffer, Melissa Struewe, Pastor John Otte and Pastor Scott Lemmermann attending. Angie Mundt and Jeremy Montgomery were unable to attend.

Steve Schild opened the meeting with prayer.

Steve updated progress to date. The Call Committee group photo was published in the recent issue of Celebrate. Soon two binders of Call Committee information, one for each campus, will be available for anyone to review on campus only. These binders will include the group phot and copies of all meeting minutes, survey results, and other documents associated with the call of Timothy’s next Senior Pastor.

Steve will prepare drafts of all information included in the Congregational Self-Study and release to the Call Committee to review and input for revision via email by Oct. 19. Final document will be prepared by Oct. 31.
The Committee discussed results of the All-Congregation Survey, completed by 160 respondents, the data of which was gathered and analyzed by Steve and Kate. Diane will compose a narrative Executive Summary of the results by Oct. 31, to be reviewed via email by members of the Call Committee by Nov. 15.

The Committee reviewed Timothy’s current Senior Pastor Position Description. Suggestions for revision were noted. Steve will prepare draft for new position description and release to the Call Committee by Oct.19, to be reviewed by the Committee and returned with comments to Steve via email by Oct. 26. The revised position description will then be reviewed at the Joint Meeting of Executive Board, Elected Elders and School Board on Oct. 30, 2018. The Call Committee will present final draft of Senior Pastor Position Description to the Voters for discussion and approval at the Annual Voters’ Meeting on Dec. 9, 2018. Following approval of final draft of the position description, Nominating Forms for candidates will be available to the congregation. Due date for return of Nominating Forms will be Jan. 7, 2019, if position description is approved at Voters’ Meeting on Dec. 9.

Final drafts of the Congregational Self-Study, All-Congregation Survey, and Senior Pastor Position Description must be completed by Dec. 1, prior to the Voters’ Meeting on Dec. 9.

Steve and Pastor Lemmermann will email examples of possible interview questions to Committee members soon to use as a guide to formulate questions tailored to Timothy’s needs for its next Senior Pastor.

The next Call Committee meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 6, 6:30pm, in the Fireplace Room. Committee members should be ready to prepare final draft of interview questions.

Pastor Lemmermann closed the meeting with prayer.

From School Board—Melissa Casper, Secretary
School Board met on Sept. 23 with Rachel Pierce, Melissa Casper, Karl Zinke, Kate Force, Ken Holland, Nathan Parker, Steve Patton and Mary Beth Self attending. Nathan shared an opening devotion.

It was moved, seconded and carried to accept the August 2018 meeting minutes.

Auction:  Aimee Gorrow provided an auction update for the School Ministries Gala/Auction.

  • The auction page is live:
  • Ticket sales are live.
  • There is an online donation page.
  • Sponsorships have been introduced this year.
  • Social media is in place, to begin after the Walk-a-Thon advertising.
  • There is a solid volunteer base.
  • High school youth will offer childcare as a cross fundraiser for the 2019 National Youth Gathering expenses.

Development Director Report–Steve Patton

  • A huge thank-you was extended to Debbie Johnson and Gary Piercey for once again spearheading the annual rummage sale in Aug.  A record-setting $9300+ was raised for the scholarship fund.
  • Scrip plan —  regarding 50% rebate sharing for school tuition. Email will be sent to TLS Parents explaining the 50% rebate sharing for next tuition year. Will send a teaser for Scrip after Nov. 10.
  • We have leads on 6 kindergartners for 2019-2020.
  • Sign-up in progress for posts to school Facebook page to moderate timing and responsibility of school posts.
  • Committee for planning Open Enrollment to be formed. Steve Patton and Kate Force will lead. Email will be sent to parents, seeking 2-3 others to participate.

ECC Director Report—Mary Beth Self

  • 98 students currently enrolled
  • Update on meetings and staff-parent communication over past month
  • Discussion of our current rates in comparison to area programs. Mary Beth will soon meet with another Lutheran program in the area to share ideas and review program.
  • Suggested a committee be formed to assist ECC Director with restructuring ECC program; potential launch date of Fall 2019. Suggest including 1-2 teachers as well as Executive Board member. Mary Beth will reach out to potential members and report back to School Board next month.

TLS Administrator Report—Ken Holland

  • K-8 enrollment at 74 full-time, 8 home-schooled students
  • Pre-K enrollment at Wyatt Rd. is 9 full-time, 8 part-time (8:30am-12:30pm)
  • School received a one-year extension of Accreditation
  • Discussion of substitute teacher pay; would like to increase rate to retain good pool of subs. Was suggested to consider using a contractor role for subs (1099 instead of W-2). Ken will discuss with Chris Krenz.

TLS Policy Manual Revisions—Ken Holland

  • Proposed changes need to be sent to Executive Board
  • Updates will be sent to the School Board via email

Vacant School Board Seat

  • After discussion with Pastor John, Lauren Snyder has resigned from School Board. List of possible names to appoint to complete the term was formed. Rachel will make contacts.

Relationship Building with ECC and TLS Staffs

  • Suggestions included posting a photo of the School Board with contact information.
  • Discussion of possible teacher appreciation activities

Upcoming Meetings: 

  • School Board Meeting–Oct. 28, 11:45am, Wyatt Rd. Campus. Devotion by Rachel.
  • Joint Meeting with Executive Board & Elected Elders—Possible dates: Oct. 5, 22, 23, 29, 30. (Update:  Meeting is scheduled for Oct. 30).

Upcoming Dates to Remember:
Oct. 20—Habitat for Humanity work day, 8am-3:30pm
Oct. 21—Youth Ministry “Get Ready to Rumble,” noon-3:30pm, Davies home
Oct. 22—GO Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Oct. 22—GROW Commission meeting, 7pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus
Oct. 23—Congregational Care Ministry training session, 6-8pm, Room 501, R.D. Mize Campus
Oct. 27—Congregational Care Ministry Commissioning, 6pm service, R.D. Mize Campus
Oct. 27-28—Reformation Weekend, all services
Oct. 28—School Board meeting, 11:45am, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Oct. 29—GIVE Commission meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus
Oct. 29—Tithe Committee meeting, 6pm, Room 103, R.D. Mize Campus
Oct. 30—Joint Meeting (Exec. Bd., Elected Elders, Sch. Bd.), 6:30pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus
Nov. 3-4—All Saints Weekend, all services
Nov. 3-4—LWML Nut & Candy Pre-sale orders, lobbies at both campuses
Nov. 6—Call Committee meeting, 6:30pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus
Nov. 8—JourneyMen Taking the Lead event, 6:30-8:30pm, Family Life Center, R.D. Mize Campus
Nov. 10—School Ministries Gala/Auction, 6-10pm, Adams Pointe Conference Center, Blue Springs
Nov. 10-11-Dec. 8-9—LWML Nut & Candy Sale, both campuses, before & after services
Nov. 11—New Member Welcome
Nov. 11—Middle School “Trick or Treat for WHAT??” 4:30-7:30pm
Nov. 12—Executive Board meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus
Nov. 13—Elected Elders meeting, 7pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus
Nov. 14-15—R.D. Mize ECC Chapel, 9:45am
Nov. 17—Habitat for Humanity work day, 8am-3:30pm
Nov. 21—Deadline for Annual Reports for Voters’ Meeting
Nov. 21—Giving Trees up at both campuses
Nov. 21—Thanksgiving Eve services, 4 & 6:30pm, R.D. Mize Campus
Nov. 26—GO Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Nov. 26—GROW Commission meeting, 7pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus
Nov. 30—ENGAGE Worship & Praise Concert, 7-8pm, Auditorium, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Dec. 1—Women of Hope Annual Prayer Breakfast, 9-11am, Fellowship Hall, R.D. Mize Campus
Dec. 5, 12, 19—Advent Services, 4 & 6:30pm, R.D. Mize Campus
Dec. 8-9—Journey to the Manger, all services
Dec. 9—Annual Voters’ Meeting, noon, Auditorium, Wyatt Rd. Campus

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