MINISTRY MATTERS Vol. 4 No. 34   August 31, 2018

The purpose of Ministry Matters is to provide an opportunity for the leaders to share what is happening in their ministry areas. Each Friday, Ministry Matters is emailed to Timothy’s executive board, elders, stall, commission leaders and other lay leaders. If you wish to include something, please email it to Diane Mayfield ( by 8am Thursday. Feel free to share this document as you wish.


From Executive Board—Charlie Johnson, Church Secretary

Executive Board met on July 30 with Ben Ryan, Diane Mayfield, Carol Cronkhite, Sandy Bahrenburg, Charlie Johnson, Gary Flandermeyer, Pastor Rod and Pastor John attending. Pastor John opened the meeting with prayer.

It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the June 4th Executive Board meeting minutes.

Ben shared an email message from Chris Hruska who has resigned from the Executive Board. The board accepted his resignation with regret.

Email motions by the board:

  • On August 15, it was moved, seconded and carried to change the ECC Administrative Assistant position from part-time to full-time. For remainder of 2018, this will be funded by the TLS Spanish teacher position which will not be filled. ECC and School Board will budget the new position in the 2019 budget as needed.

  • On August 1, it was moved, seconded and carried to adopt the Call Committee charter as presented by Steve Schild.

  • On July 25, it was moved, seconded and carried that Timothy Lutheran Ministries extend a hiring contract to Mary Beth Self for the position of ECC Director.


  • Financial Reports: The following financial reports for June 2018 were presented by Treasurer Gary Flandermeyer. All of the below reports were provided to the Executive Board prior to the board meeting.

  1. Budgeted Income/Expense Itemized Summary

  2. Budgeted Income/Expense line and bar graphs

  3. Budgeted Financial Detailed Statement

  4. Budgeted Financial Exception Report

  5. Operations, TLS & ECC Budget Report

  6. Designated Funds Report

  7. Designated Funds Report

  8. Balance Sheet

  • Review of Financial Reports: The budget reports referenced in items 1-4 above were reviewed and discussed. The June financial reports were approved as written, and Gary was authorized to publish the information to the congregation by posting hard copies at Information Desks at both campuses (moved, seconded and carried).

  • Utility Cost Control: After discussion, it was moved, seconded and carried that the TLC contract with Utility Cost Control (UCC) of Overland Park, KS, perform utility cost monitoring for a three-year period with the objective of reducing Timothy’s utility costs. Gary was authorized to sign the contract with UCC for these services.  During discussion, the board learned that UCC had been contracted by Timothy from 2011-2015, during which time UCC identified $33,000 in savings for natural gas service to TLS through the Missouri Schools Association. The terms of the contract do not include a fee to Timothy unless savings are found; 50% of the cost savings identified by UCC, which is accepted by Timothy, is shared with UCC with the remaining 50% savings retained by Timothy. Gary doesn’t expect future cost savings to as substantial, but any savings is better than none.


  • The School Board and Executive Board will meet on August 14 at Wyatt Rd. Campus. Executive Board generated a list of agenda items to email to the School Board.

  • Carol informed the board that the Concordia Plan for health insurance will increase from $803 to $858 per month next year for 17 employees. Although there may be other competitive plans in the market place, the board decided to continue with the Concordia Plan at this time (moved, seconded and carried).

  • Pastor John announced that the Lay Leadership Retreat will be Sat., Jan. 26, 2019, from 9am-noon in the Fellowship Hall. All lay leaders are strongly urged to attend. Please mark your calendars.

  • Diane reported that the Ministry Matters would be distributed through Mail Chimp in the future. She also mentioned that staff prefers calling the two campuses by R.D. Mize Campus and Wyatt Rd. Campus because many people new members and those in the community find it less confusing that North Campus and South Campus.

  • Ben is assembling information about a recent contribution of $75,000 to the Legacy program.

  • To alleviate some of the workload for Pastor John and Pastor Rod, the board is considering a part-time Youth Ministry Director as well as a business manager. The board will confer with Personnel Committee.


Upcoming Meetings:

  • 10—As much as possible, Executive Board meetings will occur on the second Monday of each month, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus.

  • 9—Town Hall meeting, noon, Auditorium, Wyatt Rd. Campus

The meeting closed with prayer.

From Executive Board—Charlie Johnson, Church Secretary

A special Executive Board meeting was held on Aug. 27 with Ben Ryan, Diane Mayfield, Carol Cronkhite, Sandy Bahrenburg, Charlie Johnson, Gary Flandermeyer, Pastor John and Pastor Rod attending. The meeting opened with prayer.

Ben requested the board to submit names of potential members to fill a vacancy on the Executive Board. He will also email to the board a proposed job description for a proposed Youth Ministry Director, a part-time position to assist pastors who now have expanded responsibilities.

The board briefly discussed the importance of all commissions meeting at least quarterly and retaining minutes as required in the Bylaws (Article B.12.C) as follows:

The time and frequency of regular Commission meetings shall be decided by the

Leader of the Commission, except that they shall meet at least quarterly. For good

and sufficient reason, the President, a Vice-President or staff member of the Commission

may call a meeting at any time.

Each Commission shall keep a permanent set of minutes for each meeting, and such

minutes shall be the property of the congregation.



  • AT&T/IT Pro’s bills for phone system: Although the board approved a bid of $5,299 from AT&T on 1/25/18 for the phone system, a second bill of $8,300.73, due 9/4/18, was received. In addition, a bill of $5,799.32 from IT Pro Services was received. Although a possible payment source was mentioned, it is imperative to pay these bills on time. It was moved, seconded and carried to pay the AT&T bill in the amount of $8,300.73 and the IT Pro Services bill of $5,799.32 from the Facilities Fund to conclude the internet project.

  • Cates Audio Quote: Although the board approved a motion on 5/11/18 for paying $24,000 for the original bid from Cates Audio, an additional $2,000 bill was recently received for additional equipment and services. The board agreed to pay the original bill by transferring funds in the money market account into the Facilities Fund. The additional $2,000 bill will be paid by moving funds from the Music Ministry Fund to the Facilities Fund money market (the $2,000 came from a donor).

Upcoming Meetings:

  • 9—Town Hall Meeting, noon, Auditorium, Wyatt Rd. Campus

  • 10—Executive Board, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus

The meeting closed with prayer.

From GROW Commission—Mary Low, Secretary

GROW Commission met on Aug. 27 with Mary Reed, Mary Low, Dawn Twenter, Ryan Kuecker, Richard Pirch, Jacob Gorrow, Diane Mayfield and Pastor John attending. Miriam Lindemann wa welcomed as a guest. The meeting opened with prayer.

Children’s Ministry:  Miriam Lindemann and Dawn Twenter shared information about Faith Roots and CrossWalk. The Faith Roots program will expand at the R.D. Mize Campus in September by being offered at both Sunday morning services. A new curriculum will also begin this fall. Miriam requested prayers for a smooth transition of this program. Some areas that Miriam would like to work on this upcoming year include communication, parent fellowship and teacher collaboration. In addition, the commission discussed ideas for gathering information for each child in case of emergency.

Dawn reported that CrossWalk is fully staffed and ready to go. This year the CrossWalk Choir will begin practice each Wednesday at 6:15 and then transition into the start of class at 6:30. The first day of CrossWalk is Sept. 5.

Old Business:

  • Confirmation Prayer Pals: Mary Low is assuming leadership for this ministry. The commission reviewed updated guidelines as proposed by Mary. The major change is that pals are asked not to bring gifts to their confirmand. A bulletin insert about the program will be included in the Sept. 1-2 bulletin. Pastor Rod will create a PowerPoint slide. Pastor John shared that to date approximately 50 confirmation students are registered.

  • Kindergarten Blessing: A gift and blessing for each kindergartner & parents will occur on Sept. 8-9.

  • Live Well Community Event: Richard Pirch will represent the GROW Commission at the Sept. 24 Planning Session.

  • Lay Leadership Retreat: Mark your calendars to attend this “nuts and bolts” type of retreat. It will occur in the Fellowship Hall from 9am-noon on January 26, 2019.

  • National Youth Gathering—July 2019. Several fundraisers to defray costs for the students and chaperones attending the next NYG are in the planning stages.

Next Meeting:  Sept. 24, 7pm, Room 102, R.D. Mize Campus.

Pastor John closed the meeting with prayer.

From Call Committee—Diane Mayfield & Tyler Shaffer, Secretaries/Correspondents

The first meeting of the Call Committee for selecting a new Senior Pastor was held on August 28, 2018, with Charlie Cronkhite, Pam Dennis, Kate Force, Sandy Galvin, Jacob Gorrow, Diane Mayfield, Randy McClain, Donald Miller, Jeremy Montgomery, Angie Mundt, Stephen Schild, Tyler Shaffer, Melissa Struewe and Rev. Scott Lemmermann attending. Mark Meyer was unable to attend.

Angie Mundt opened the meeting with prayer. Each member of the Call Committee introduced himself/herself with brief personal comments and what they really appreciate about Timothy.

Steve reviewed progress to date and answered questions: 1) the July 14 meeting with District President Rev. Lee Hagan; 2) formation of Call Committee from approximately 30 applications from the congregation; 3) installation of Call Committee on Aug. 5, 2018; 4) formation of Call Committee Charter; 5) emails to congregation and bulletin insert to inform congregation about process and timelines; 6) creating tentative timeline/calendar for completion of parts of the call process; and 7) setting date for and holding first committee meeting on Aug. 28, 2018.

Committee leaders were selected:

  • Chair—Steve Schild

  • Assistant Chair—Jacob Gorrow

  • Recording Secretary/Correspondent—Diane Mayfield

  • Assistant Recording Secretary—Tyler Shaffer

Steve distributed the Call Committee Calendar 2018-2019 and Tentative Timeline for Calling Senior Pastor document. It was determined that the Senior Pastor Profile Survey will be completed by approximately 40 people (Called Staff, Call Committee, Commission Leaders, Executive Board, Elected Elders, School Board, and other members in key leadership roles). Steve will email directions for correctly completing online responses for this survey, to be completed between Aug. 29 and Sept. 14, 2018.

The Congregational Survey will be completed by Timothy members between Sept. 16 and Oct. 7, 2018. Online responses will be encouraged, but hard copies will also be available. Data from the hard copies will be transferred to online responses by the Call Committee. The Call Committee will provide directions for the survey. An insert will be included in the bulletin on Sept. 15-16, 2018.

The TLC Self Study (narrative history) will be prepared by Charlie Cronkhite.

Next meeting will be Tues., Oct. 16, 2018, 6:30-8pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus. Steve closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Mayfield and Tyler Shaffer

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Sept. 5—CrossWalk begins, 6:30-7:30pm, R.D. Mize Campus

Sept. 8—Women of Hope Friends Café, 9:30-11am, Epic Church Coffee Shop, Independence

Sept. 8-9—Kindergarten Blessing, all services

Sept. 9—New worship times: 8 & 9:30am (R.D. Mize) & 10:30am (Wyatt Rd.)

Sept. 9—Town Hall Meeting, noon, Auditorium, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Sept. 10—Executive Board meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus

Sept. 11—Elected Elders meeting, 7pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus

Sept. 12-13—R.D. Mize ECC Chapel, 9:45am

Sept. 14-16—Blue Springs Fall Fun Fest, Downtown Blue Springs

Sept. 15—Fall Fun Fest Parade, 10am, Downtown Blue Springs (School Ministry float)

Sept. 15—Habitat for Humanity work day, 8am-3:30pm

Sept. 17—GO Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 504, R.D. Mize Campus

Sept. 17—GIVE Commission meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus

Sept. 22—JourneyMen Breakfast event, 9-11am, Family Life Center

Sept. 23—School Board meeting, 11:45am, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Sept. 24—Live Well Community Event Planning Session, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize

Sept. 24—GROW Commission meeting, 7pm, Room 102, R.D. Mize Campus

Sept. 29—Middle School Progressive Dinner, 6-10:30pm, various houses

Oct. 2—Congregational Care Ministry training class, 6:30-8:30pm, Room 501, R.D. Mize

Oct. 5-7—JourneyMen Fall Retreat, Heit’s Point

Oct. 6-7—LWML Weekend, all services

Oct. 9—Congregational Care Ministry training class, 6:30-8:30pm, Room 501, R.D. Mize

Oct. 10-11—R.D. Mize ECC Chapel, 9:45am

Oct. 13-14—Senior Adults Weekend, all services

Oct. 15—GIVE Commission meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D.  Mize Campus

Oct. 15—GO Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 504, R.D. Mize Campus

Oct. 16—Congregational Care Ministry training class, 6:30-8:30pm, Room 501, R.D. Mize

Oct. 16—Call Committee meeting, 6:30-8pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus

Oct. 18—Hillcrest 18th Annual Gala/Auction, Arrowhead North Club, Independence

Oct. 20—Habitat for Humanity work day, 8am-3:30pm

Oct. 21—Middle School “Get Ready to Rumble”, noon-3:30pm, Room 506, R.D. Mize

Oct. 22—GROW Commission meeting, 7pm, Room 102, R.D. Mize Campus

Oct. 23—Congregational Care Ministry training class, 6:30-8:30pm, Room 501, R.D. Mize

Oct. 27-28—Reformation Weekend, all services

Nov. 3-4—All Saints Weekend, all services

Nov. 3-4—LWML Nut & Candy Pre-order Sale, lobbies at both campuses

Nov. 8—JourneyMen Taking the Lead event, 6:30-8:30pm, Family Life Center, R.D. Mize

Nov. 10—School Ministry Gala/Auction, 6-10pm, Adams Pointe Conference Center, Blue Springs

Nov. 11—Middle School Trickpor-Treating for WHAT?? 4:30-7:30pm

Nov. 14-15—R.D. Mize ECC Chapel, 9:45am

Nov. 17—Habitat for Humanity work day, 8am-3:30pm

Nov. 21—Giving Trees up at both campuses

Nov. 21—Thanksgiving Eve services, 4 & 6:30pm, R.D. Mize Campus


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