MINISTRY MATTERS Vol. 4 No. 31 August 10, 2018

Vol. 4 No. 31   August 10, 2018

The purpose of Ministry Matters is to provide an opportunity for the leaders of Timothy to share what is happening in their ministry areas. Each Friday, Ministry Matters is emailed to Timothy’s executive board, elders, staff, commission leaders and other lay leaders. If you wish to include something, please email it to Diane Mayfield ( by 8am Thursday. Feel free to share this document as you wish.

From School Board—Melissa Casper, Secretary

School Board met on Aug. 5 with Rachel Pierce, Melissa Casper, Karl Zinke, Kate Force, Ken Holland, Nathan Parker, Steve Patton, Sue Miller, Lauren Snyder and Mary Beth Self attending.

Ken led the opening devotion.The minutes of the June 2018 meeting were approved.

New ECC Director Mary Beth Self was introduced.  The ECC update included:

  • Current enrollment of 81 full-time/part-time students

  • Update & discussion concerning report from DSS

  • Update & discussion concerning ECC staffing & direction

TLS Administrator Report—Ken Holland

  • Current enrollment at 75 full-time (maybe 77), 7 home-schooled students

  • School rummage sale raised over $9000 for scholarship fund

  • Scholarship document distributed and reviewed. Will be posted on website & distributed as part of enrollment packet

  • It was moved, seconded and carried to hire Saskia Juba as the TLS Spanish teacher, 10 hours per week (not to exceed 29.5.) Ken Holland reported on Aug. 8 that Saskia declined the position, and the search for a Spanish teacher will continue.

  • A Computer Coding class for K-8 will begin this fall.

Development Director Report—Steve Patton

  • We have 12 full-time kindergartners so far. May have #13, part-time. Eight (67%) came from ECC.

  • Mary Beth will meet with Steve and Kate on Aug. 16 to discuss website, Facebook & other joint marketing & branding for the school ministries.

  • Future Direction for Scrip Program: Planning to roll out “online ordering system” to allow for less stock in house (liability purposes), less manpower required and better tracking for ordering. This will be explained to school first, followed by congregation at a later date. Recommending to institute a 50/50 split of proceeds, 50% going to school and 50% of yearly total applied as tuition credit for the student. Year-end date needs to be established; other individuals can sign up to benefit specific child/family. Need to investigate how 8th grade parents could benefit since this is a next-year credit.  These changes will be discussed at Back-to-School Night on Aug. 20.


  • There was a suggestion to convene a committee in late Sept/early Oct to plan marketing opportunities in conjunction with open enrollment period in Feb. Additional discussion at next meeting.

Playground Update:

  • New 6’ fencing and rubber flooring will be installed at R.D. Mize Campus playground due to a generous donation from the Festival Committee. Work to be scheduled.

  • Playground grant application for TLS Wyatt Rd. Campus was denied. The TLS fall mission project will be designated as fundraising for this playground improvement.

  • Additional discussion about fundraising possibilities for new playground to continue at future meetings.

Blue Springs Demographic Information:

  • The Call Committee forward this report as received from the MO District Office. Rachel will forward this report to the school board to review. Additional discussion to occur at future meetings.

Future Dates:

  • 14—Joint Executive Board/School Board meeting, 6:30pm, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus. The school board reviewed the questions/agenda items submitted by the Executive Board.  School Board discussed questions/agenda items to be forwarded to Executive Board. Both groups to review in preparation for joint meeting on Aug. 14.

  • 19—Lutheran High School Opening Service and TLS Re-dedication Sunday, 10am, Wyatt Rd. Campus. School Board has been asked to provide some additional refreshments for this Sunday.

  • 23—Next School Board meeting, 11:45am, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus. Nathan will share devotion.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Aug. 11-12—Backpack Blessing, all services

Aug. 13—TLS New Student Social, 7pm, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Aug. 14—Joint Executive Board/School Board meeting, 6:30pm, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Aug. 15—Get Connected deadline for Sept., Oct., Nov. events

Aug. 19—LSH Opening Service & TLS Re-dedication Sunday, 10am, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Aug. 20—TLS Back-to-School Night, 6:30pm, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Aug. 20—ECC Open House, 7pm, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Aug. 20—GIVE Commission meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus

Aug. 20—GO Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Aug. 21—TLS First Day of School, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Aug. 22—Confirmation Parent/Student meeting, 6:30pm, Sanctuary, R.D. Mize Campus

Aug. 23—ECC Open House, 7pm, R.D. Mize Campus

Aug. 25—LWML Brunch & Speaker, 9-11am, Fellowship Hall, R.D. Mize Campus

Aug. 25—JourneyMen/Women of Hope movie night, 5:30pm food, 6pm movie, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Aug. 26—Middle School Ministry Kickoff event, 11:30am-2pm, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Aug. 27—ECC Part-time Preschool First Day, R.D. Mize Campus

Aug. 27—GROW Commission meeting, 7pm, Room 102, R.D. Mize Campus

Aug. 28—Call Committee meeting, 7pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus

Aug. 29—Confirmation begins, 6:30-7:30pm, R.D. Mize Campus

Sept. 5—CrossWalk begins, 6:30-7:30pm, R.D. Mize Campus

Sept. 8—Women of Hope Friends Café, 9:30-11am, Epic Church, Independence

Sept. 8-9—Kindergarten Blessing, all services

Sept. 14-16—Blue Springs Fall Fun Fest (steak burger booth), Downtown Blue Springs

Sept. 15—Celebrate deadline for events in July, Aug., Sept.

Sept. 23—School Board meeting, 11:45am, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus

Sept. 24—Live Well Planning Session, 6pm, Fireplace Room, R.D. Mize Campus

Oct. 6-7—LWML Weekend, all services

Nov. 10—School Ministry Gala/Auction, 6-10pm, Adams Pointe Conference
Center, Blue Springs

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