Ministry Matters May 4, 2018


Vol. 4 No. 18   May 4, 2018

The purpose of Ministry Matters is to provide an opportunity for the leaders of Timothy to share what is happening in their ministry areas. Each Friday, Ministry Matters is emailed to Timothy’s executive board, elders, staff, commission leaders and other lay leaders. If you wish to include something, please email it to Diane Mayfield ( by 8am Thursday. Feel free to share this document as you wish.

 From Executive Board—Charlie Johnson, secretary

Executive Board met on March 28, with Ben Ryan, Diane Mayfield, Chris Hruska, Carol Cronkhite, Sandy Bahrenburg, Charlie Johnson, Gary Flandermeyer and Pastor Rich attending. Pastor Rich opened with prayer.

It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the Feb. 19, 2018, Executive Board meeting minutes.

Reports:  The following financial reports for Feb. 2018 were presented by Gary Flandermeyer and reviewed by the board:

  1. Budgeted Income/Expense Itemized Summary
  2. Budgeted Financial Exception Report
  3. Designated Funds Report
  • January 2018 Budgeted Income/Expense Itemized Summary
  • Income less expense showed a deficit of $45,284.15 for February, bringing the year-to-date (YTD) budget deficit to $63,817.49. YTD actual income at the end of February was 81.87% of budget while expenses were 4% below budget.
  • Budgeted Financial Exception Report
  • The new monthly report, as requested by the Executive Board, includes a listing of the income and expense budget line items that show a YTD budget deviation of greater than 10%. For the February report, this included income line items that were less than 15% of the YTD budgeted income and expense line items that are greater than 18.33% of YTD budgeted expense.
  • Major budgeted income exceptions were discussed. TLS and ECC enrollment income (items #4241202 & #4242202) and TLS Tuition (item #4242201) were significantly below budget due to enrollment just beginning for the 2018-2019 school year. General contributions (item #4511501) and Capital Campaign (item #4511514) combined were 21% below YTD budget due to the decreased attendance resulting from winter weather conditions.
  • Major budgeted expense exceptions were discussed. Most of the missions & tithe expenses were 21% over budget YTD. Gary mentioned that this is due to the monthly tithe being based on 10% of the monthly general contributions two months prior. Ben Ryan will discuss with Chris Krenz about an alternate means of calculating the tithe so it is a more uniform monthly expense.
  • Other expense items included in the exception report showing large deviations will continue to be closely monitored and reported.
  • Designated Funds Report 2018  —  February
  • First Fruits (item #3511553) YTD receipts are $56,721 with a YTD ending balance of $185,262.
  • North roof replacement (item #3531558) showed a transfer out of all remaining funds in the item of $4562; Gary to verify these funds went to the general fund.
  • Land Sale  —  Wyatt Rd (item #3511557) shows a negative ending balance of -$22,476; Gary to verify with Chris Krenz the status of these funds.
  • Bulletin Financial Information:  There was discussion concerning the financial information included in the bulletin/trifold, noting that it should be updated more frequently. Last weekend’s bulletin/trifold only included January financial information. Gary Flandermeyer will coordinated with Otis Turner to ensure the current financial information is included in the weekly bulletin/trifold.


  • It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the February 2018 financials as presented by Gary.
  • Reports from Commissions:
  • GROW Commission:  Diane reported that the commission asked her to explain a ministry need. A key volunteer in Children’s Ministry will soon move from this area. The amount of work to prepare for Cross Walk and Faith Roots is growing, and a part-time position of Supply Coordinator is direly needed. After discussion, it was moved, seconded and carried to fund this part-time position from Children’s Ministry Designated Funds for the second half of the 2018 calendar year. The position will be reviewed before including it in 2019 budget. The commission is also evaluating the Confirmation Prayer Pal ministry. Children’s ministry, middle school youth ministry and senior high youth ministry are all enjoying increased participation and enthusiasm.
  • GO Commission:  Carol reported about a community event for spring 2019, with a goal of showcasing Timothy’s resources, ministries and other community resources. A lead team will be formed to coordinate this event. GO is also working on outreach with the Timothy’s Scout groups and Break Time group.
  • GIVE Commission: Chris reported that the commission would like to add one or more new members to help with commission ministries. Interested individuals should contact Nancy Nowiszewski or Pam Sbisa. There are many ministries under the GIVE umbrella that individuals would find rewarding if involved.
  • GATHER Commission: Sandy reported that the commission is developing an intentional greeter ministry. Job description is being written at this time. Other discussion items with the commission include investigating possible community events as well as a possible paid position for sound board operator.

Old Business:  Ben will have a report soon concerning the activity of the school board contributing funds back to Timothy’s general operating fund. At the last school board meeting, Chris Hruska demonstrated the model we reviewed earlier. He also built a similar model for ECC.

Legacy Program/School Foundation:  Ben reported that work is going very well. A congregational informational meeting will occur when all details are finalized. Ben will meet with the Legacy committee to determine next steps.

IT/Phone Service:  Pastor Rich reported that ATT will complete all work by May 31.

Next meeting:  April 30, 6pm, Room 501, North Campus.

From Pastor Rich, Senior Pastor—May 2018

  • Worship:  Currently, themes have been developed for all services through the end of August. In June, we will worship around the theme “Rejuvenate.”
  • Discovery Class:  Most recent class began on April 25, with 14 attending. New Members will be received the weekend of June 9/10.
  • Who Broke My Church?:  Beginning May 10, the Ministry and Church staff will study this amazing book by Kent Hunter. Part of each staff meeting through the summer will include discussion about one chapter of the book.
  • Missouri District Convention: The tri-annual convention of the  Missouri District will be June 10-12 in Springfield, MO. Ben Ryan is no longer able to attend, so Gary Flandermeyer will be Timothy’s lay delegate, and I will be the pastoral delegate. Information regarding the issues for discussion and vote during the convention are available on the Missouri District wellsite:
  • Leadership Retreat: Dr. Darrell Zimmerman of Grace Place Lutheran Wellness Ministries in St. Louis will visit Timothy in August. He will lead a staff retreat on Aug.9 as well as a leadership retreat on Friday, Aug. 10 from 7-9pm and Saturday, Aug. 11 from 8:30am-2:30pm. All elected leaders are invited and encouraged to attend both the Friday and Saturday sessions. Pastor Zimmerman will also preach in the weekend services.
  • 2018-2019 Confirmands:  I am really looking forward to our new curriculum! Pastor John has developed lessons that will be presented via video. Students will watch the video and submit questions prior to class. When we meet on Wednesday evenings, all three grades will meet together to further discuss before breaking out into their small groups.
  • Family Vacation:  The Steensma family will be on vacation May 19-27, 2018.
  • Trip to Michigan:  My dearest grandmother, Muriel Steensma, will celebrate her 100th birthday on Sunday, June 10. Plans are underway to be with family for this monumental occasion.

 From GATHER Commission—Carol Windler, secretary

GATHER Commission met on April 12, with Gene Bond, Bob Logan, Kyle Oelklaus, Sandy Bahrenburg, Kent Burns and Val Leakey attending. Val opened the meeting with prayer.

The previous meeting minutes were reviewed, and Kent answered the question about acolytes from the previous meeting. There are no acolytes at South Campus because of the battery-operated candles in use. North Campus should have confirmands serving as acolytes; however, many times this task falls to the elders.

New Business:

  • There was discussion concerning final details about the new Greeter Ministry, which is ready to move forward. Communication included in the trifold and pre-service slides will start soon. Guidelines about this ministry are available for interested individuals.
  • Kent shared the preliminary schedule for Advent/Christmas/New Year’s Eve 2018 and Ash Wednesday/Lent/Holy Week 2019 with the proposed changes In service times. More details to follow.
  • Kent will contact the donor of the South Campus piano to determine their wishes for this item. It is no longer feasible to use for services due to the climate issues inside the gym and the repeated costs for tuning.

Kent closed the meeting with prayer.

From School Board—Melissa Casper, secretary

School Board met on April 15, with Rachel Pierce, Melissa Casper, Karl Zinke, Lauren Snyder, Kate Force, Ken Holland, Patty Koogler and Steve Patton attending. Karl opened the meeting with devotion and prayer.

It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the March 4 meeting minutes.

ECC Administrator Report—Patty Koogler

  • Enrollment for 2018-2019 Part-time = 43. Last year, April enrollment was at 25; this year April enrollment is at 29.
  • Total current enrollment for ECC is 121.
  • It is difficult to find subs to work for 3-4 hours at the current hourly rate. Patty will investigate possibility of offering a flat rate for subs. She will also contact other ECC programs for information about their policies in this area.

TLS Administrator Report—Ken Holland

  • Enrollment:  K-8 = 69 full-time, 12 home-schooled students
  • Pre-K = 6 full-time, 3 part-time (8:30am-12:30pm)
  • 2018-2019 enrollment —  Currently 59 full-time and 3 home-schooled students
  • Upcoming dates:
  • April 13—Spring Musical and Band Concert, 6:30pm
  • April20—Trivia Night “Back to the Eighties”, 7pm
  • April 22—Confirmation Sunday
  • April 23—Wildlife Program (at school)
  • April 25—Administrative Professionals’ Day
  • April 26-27—7/8 Grade Class Trip to St. Louis
  • May 3—School Day at the K
  • May 11—Athletic Banquet, 7pm
  • May 18—8th Grade Graduation, 7pm, South Campus

Development Director Report—Steve Patton

  • Upcoming Events:
  • Trivia Night—April 20—Erin Reece & Connie Hilden, co-chairs
  • 2018 Auction—Nov. 10—Adams Pointe Conference Center—save the date!
  • Recruitment:
  • 7 kindergartners enrolled so far for 2018-2019
  • Retention has been strong with 62 applications received; only 1 confirmed leaving (3rd grade). I have spoken with parents and understand the situation. Verbal commitments from 7 returning students (2 in 3rd grade, 2 in 4th grade, 1 in 6th grade, 2 in 7th grade). Verbal commitments from 2 kindergartners.
  • Parent Teacher League (re)started:  Reviewed minutes. Discussion about scheduling a PTL meeting in evening to allow as many parents as possible to attend.
  • Playground equipment:
  1. Kaleidoscope Fund offers grants. Would like to have a grant writer assist with writing the application. Steve will check with Alan Freeman to see if the MO District can connect us with someone. Melissa may have a contact through work. She will pursue and inform Steve.
  2. Discussion regarding adding playground equipment at North Campus and the need to add some equipment at South Campus for pre-K students. We currently do not have any equipment for the pre-schoolers. Mr. Holland indicated there is some money in a designated playground equipment fund. He will research options for adding some temporary equipment while the board researches grant options to fund permanent playground equipment that could accommodate pre-K through 8th

 Next meeting:  Sunday, June 10, 11:45am, Room 1101, South Campus.

 Upcoming Dates to Remember:

May 6—LWML Girls’ Event, 2-4pm, Family Life Center, North Campus

May 8—Elected Elders meeting, 7pm, Fireplace Room, North Campus

May 11—TLS Athletic Banquet, 7pm, South Campus

May 12—Middle School Ministry Color Run, 7-11am, Arrowhead Stadium parking lot

May 14—GO Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 1101, South Campus

May 15—Get Connected deadline for summer issue (June, July, Aug.)

May 18—TLS 8th Grade Graduation, 7pm, South Campus

May 20—High School Ministry Welcoming Bonfire

May 21—GIVE Commission meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, North Campus

May 24—ECC Pre-K Graduation, 7pm, Family Life Center, North Campus

May 27—Welcome Inn meal, 12:30-1:30pm, at motel

June 3—13th Annual Adam’s Army Blood Drive, Family Life Center, North Campus

June 4—Executive Board meeting, 6pm, Room 1101, South Campus

June 9—Friends’ Café, 9:30-11am, Epic Church Coffee Shop, Independence, MO

June 9-10—Middle School Ministry Lock-in, 6:45pm Sat-7am Sun, both campuses& offsite

June 10—School Board meeting, 11:45am, Room 1101, South Campus

June 15—Celebrate deadline (activities in Apr., May, June)

June 24—Middle School Ministry Paddle Boats/Canoes, 11:45am-2pm, Legacy Park, Lee’s Summit

June 25—GROW Commission meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, North Campus

July 15—Pre-VBS Celebration Kickoff services, 8:30 & 9:45am services, North Campus

July 15—VBS Kickoff, 4-6pm, North Campus

July 16-20—VBS Week, North Campus

July 22—Post-VBS Celebration service, 10am, South Campus

July 22—Middle School Ministries-sponsored Welcome Inn meal, 12:30-1:30pm, at motel

Nov. 10—School Ministries Auction/Gala, 6-10pm, Adams Pointe Conference Center, BSMO

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