Ministry Matters June 1, 2018


Vol. 4 No. 22   June 1, 2018

The purpose of Ministry Matters is to provide an opportunity for the leaders of Timothy to share what is happening in their ministry areas. Each Friday, Ministry Matters is emailed to Timothy’s executive board, elders, staff, commission leaders and other lay leaders. If you wish to include something, please email it to Diane Mayfield ( by 8am Thursday. Feel free to share this document as you wish.

 From Executive Board—Charlie Johnson, secretary

Executive Board met on April 30 with Ben Ryan, Diane Mayfield, Chris Hruska, Carol Cronkhite, Sandy Bahrenburg, Charlie Johnson, Gary Flandermeyer and Pastor Rich attending.  Pastor Rich opened the meeting with prayer.

It was moved, seconded and carried to approved the minutes from the March 28 board meeting.


  • Senior Pastor: Pastor’s May report was published in May 4th Ministry Matters.
  • Financial Report: Gary Flandermeyer
  1. The following financial reports for March 2018 were presented and reviewed by the board.
  • Budgeted Income/Expense Itemized Summary
  • Budgeted Income/Expense line and bar graphs
  • Budgeted Financial Exception Report
  • Budgeted Financial Statement
  • 1st Quarter Designated and Endowments Summary Report
  • Designated Funds Report
  • Balance Sheet
  1. January 2018 Budgeted Income/Expense Itemized Summary
  • Income less expenses showed a deficit of $37,778 for March, bringing year-to-date (YTD) budget deficit to $101,596. YTD actual income at the end of March was 89.39% of budget (10.61% below budget) and YTD expenses were 4.39% above budget. The majority (approximately $42,000) of the March deficit was due to three pay cycles occurring in March which will occur again in August. Pay cycles begin with the first Thursday of the year and every other Thursday thereafter.
  • The line and bar graphs showing results of the budget income/expense summary report were reviewed.
  • Ben asked Gary to provide him with the 2017 deficit as of 3/31/17 for historical comparison.
  1. Budgeted Financial Exception Report
  • This monthly report shows a YTD budget deviation of greater than 10% for all income and expense budget items (all income line items having a YTD amount less than 22.5% of budget and all expense line items having a YTD amount greater than 27.5% of budget). This report also included a sort on line item budget deviation exception by dollar amount to highlight the items of greatest concern.
  • Major budgeted income exceptions were discussed. General contributions (item #4511501) and Capital Campaign (item #4511514) combined were $66,631 (15.4%) below YTD budget. This did not include Easter Sunday contributions which were received in April. TLS tuition (item #4242201) was $17,006 below budget due to enrollment still in progress for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Major budgeted expense exceptions were discussed. The largest exceptions were ECC, TLC & TLS called staff & staff labor expenses due to the third pay cycle in March.
  • Other expense line items showing a YTD deviation greater than $2,000 were North Campus natural gas and North & South Campus snow/ice removal, all of which will reduce in coming months.
  1. Budgeted Financial Statement: This 4-page report was reviewed briefly; the major cost deviations were discussed above.
  2. 1st Quarter Designated Funds and Endowments Report
  • There was a net increase of $12,636 in Designated Fund & Endowment accounts in March and $23,635 for YTD.
  • The major net YTD disbursement from designated funds was #324152 ECC/TLS Scholarships of $13,025. This line item is gradually being drawn down to reduce the TLS and ECC deficit to the Church. Parent Teacher League (PTL) #3243251 showed a net YTD disbursement of $6,285 which is funded by fundraising events sponsored by PTL.
  • Land Sale—Wyatt Rd (item #3511557) showed a negative ending balance of -$22,475.88 in prior reports. This line item was included to show that the net sale price of the south land parcel was less than the original pro-rated cost of the land. This adjustment was made in the March report to zero this line item, and the corresponding adjustments were made on the Balance Sheet as noted below.
  • In April, documents were signed to transfer the five restricted endowment funds held in the American Funds Investments to the Heartland Community Foundation. This was discussed in more detail in this meeting. The actual transfer is expected to occur in May.
  1. Balance Sheet:
  • Adjustments were made in the Balance Sheet items to account for the loss on the South Campus land sale; item #3000100 General Fund was debited the $22,475.88 and a corresponding credit was made to #3511557 Land Sale Wyatt Road (Designated).
  1. The March financial reports were approved as written, and Gary was authorized to publish the information to the congregation by posting hard copies at both campus information desks.
  • Commission Reports:
  • GROW—Diane reported that school-related ministries were winding down. The commission enjoys reports from the various GROW ministries at its monthly meetings. VBS is well underway with a strong cabinet and dedicated, committed volunteers. The Supply Coordinator position will start in August.
  • GO—Carol reported that the commission is working on a community event for next year, which includes smaller events such as Boy Scouts and Break Time. The commission is also reviewing a tape called Everyone His Witness to present to the congregation.
  • GIVE—Chris reported that the commission is looking for potential members. Nancy will be asked to include this request in the trifold. GIVE enjoys reports from various GIVE ministries at its monthly meetings.

Legacy Program Update  —  Ben

  • Papers have been signed to move Timothy funds from the restricted endowments which consist of the Gerike, Wilson, Schubkegel, Growth & Expansion, and Facilities endowments to the Truman Heartland Community Foundation (THCF). The Gerike scholarship endowment fund currently holds $106,028.04. This endowment was written with the intention to hold a minimum of $10,000; however, through members’ donations and earnings in the fund, this endowment has grown to its current balance. It was discussed to without a certain amount of funds in the Gerike Scholarship fund from the transfer to the TCHF to be used for non-budgeted ministry needs.
  • MOTION:  It was moved to transfer all of the funds in the Gerike, Wilson, Schubkegel, Growth & Expansion, and Facilities Endowments funds (totaling $329,000) from the American Funds Group (AFG) and the Commerce money market #3766 to the Timothy Lutheran Church Master Fund of the Truman Heartland Community Foundation with no structural changes to the endowments. Motion was seconded and carried.
  • MOTION:  It was moved that funds in excess of $50,000 held in Gerike Scholarship Fund be transferred to a new money market fund to be designated for non-budgeted ministry needs. Motion was seconded and carried.

South Campus Sound System Replacement:

  • The sound system at South Campus is in bad shape due to a recent lightning strike. Estimated cost to replace the system is $23,000. To just patch the system costs $10,000 but is only a temporary fix. The board discussed the possibility of funding the sound system replacement using member donations with the remainder of the funding from the Gerike Scholarship Fund designated for non-budgeted ministry needs (approximately $56,028). There was strong consensus of the board, after the sound system is completed, to divide the remainder of these funds equally between the four commissions to be used ministry needs. For example, if the sound system replacement cost is $23,000 and $15,000 is donated toward it, resulting in a net cost to Church operation of $8,000, then the remaining $48,028 would be equally designated to each commission ($12,007) for non-budgeted ministry needs. This decision was tabled to the next Executive Board meeting. Action for Ben Ryan is to solicit a minimum of three firm price-vendor proposals to replace the sound system for consideration by the Board. Due to the urgencv of getting the sound system up and running, these proposals will be distributed to board members, and a decision made on vendor selection via email vote of the Board members by mid-May to allow giving a notice to proceed to the successful vendor as quickly.

Other Items:

  • School Board has voted to extend Ken Holland’s contract for the 2018-2019 school year. Executive Board expressed interest in having a school representative attend future Executive Board meetings.
  • The upgrade needed for Timothy’s IT phone service is on track for a May 31 completion date.
  • To date, TLS has 62 confirmed students and 9 verbal agreements for the 2018-2019 school year.

Next board meeting will be Monday, June 4, at 6pm in Room 1101 at South Campus.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

June 3—13th Annual Adam’s Army Blood Drive, 9am-3pm, Family Life Center, North Campus

June 4—Executive Board meeting, 6pm, Room 1101, South Campus

June 6—REJUVENATE introduction/instruction meeting, 7:15pm, Sanctuary, North Campus

June 9—Friends’ Café, 9:30-11am, Epic Church Coffee Shop, Independence

June 9-10—Middle School Ministry Lock-in, 6:45pm-7am, both campuses & off-site

June 10—School Board meeting, 11:45am, Room 1101, South Campus

June 13—Women of Hope Wine Wednesday, 5-8pm, Colonial Gardens, Wyatt Rd., Blue Springs

June 15—Celebrate deadline for activities in April, May, June

June 18—GIVE Commission meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, North Campus

June 24—Middle School Ministry Paddle Boats/Canoes, 11:45am-2pm, Legacy Park, Lee’s Summit

June 25—GROW Commission meeting, 6pm, Fireplace Room, North Campus

June 25—GO Commission meeting, 6pm, Room 1101, South Campus

July 15—VBS Kickoff Carnival, 4-5:30pm, North Campus

July 16-20—VBS Week, North Campus

July 22—VBS Celebration Service, 10am, South Campus

July 29-31—Collection & Set-up days for School Rummage Sale, Family Life Center, North Campus

Aug. 2-4—School Ministries Annual Rummage Sale, Family Life Center, North Campus

Nov. 10—School Ministries Auction/Gala, 6-10pm, Adams Pointe Conference Center, Blue Springs

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