The purpose of Ministry Matters is to provide an opportunity for the leaders of Timothy to share what is happening in their ministry areas. Each Friday, Ministry Matters is emailed to Timothy’s executive board, elders, staff, commission leaders and other lay leaders. If you wish to include something, please email it to Diane Mayfield ( by 8am Thursday. Feel free to share this document as you wish.

From GROW Commission—Mary Low, Secretary
GROW Commission met on Dec. 3 with Mary Reed, Richard Pirch, Mary Low, Dawn Twenter and Nathan Burns attending. The meeting opened with poem written by Richard Pirch:

Your Learning Curve with God

Your decisions are YOURS. Yes, YOURS to make.
For the older you get, the more risks that you take.
You learn life’s not easy. It’s no “piece of cake.”
Why not rely on Jesus? He died for your sake.

So what can you do when your ideas crash and burn?
Hey! Chalk it up to experience! So what’s your concern?
God’s answers are there no matter which way you turn.
Your memories are trophies of “learn, baby, learn”!

But the questions seem endless as you live and grow older.
The outcomes of which make you bolder and bolder.
God has a plan for you in His personal folder!
His plan He reveals to you as you pray on His shoulder.

~Richard Pirch

Mary Reed followed with prayer.

Ministry Report:  Janet Masters shared—via an emailed report—what is happening with the Senior Adult Ministry.

  • The Friday morning Bible Study is mainly composed of senior adults. This study is currently led by Gary Moore.
  • Pairs & Spares continues to meet monthly on the third Tuesday. At the recent Thanksgiving Feast, 54 people attended. Monthly activities are planned by this group. For Christmas, Pairs &
    Spares is adopting a family of three.

Old Business:

  • Middle School Ministry:  This group continues to grow. In November they went trick-or-treating for canned goods. In one hour a group of 15 youth managed to fill 20 grocery bags with over 300 food items.
  • Confirmation:  Dawn Twenter shared how much she enjoys the “flipped classroom” format as a parent of a confirmand. It allows her to “learn” right along with her child.
  • Children/Youth Education during Advent:  Both Cross Walk and Confirmation classes will begin at the 6:30 Advent service with their families. The kids will be dismissed to their classes halfway through the service just as on Sunday mornings.
  • Cross Walk:  Dawn shared that attendance on Wednesday evening averages approximately 50 students. She said that they are maintaining well but would like to see it grow. Each month the students participate in a service project, such as Hillcrest Ministries, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Jesse the Service Dog, and most recently Christmas Cards for Journey to the Manger.
  • Faith Roots:  This program seems to be going smoothly at both campuses. We are always looking to recruit new teachers and new students.
  • Confirmation Prayer Pals:  Mary Low shared that this is up and rolling smoothly.
  • Senior High Youth:  Nathan Burns and Ryan Kuecker are preparing a study about “prayer” to begin in January. Nathan is also developing a class for 2019 graduating seniors, focusing on ways to keep your faith alive in college. The class would occur from January through May. Finally, in January a Youth Ministry Leadership Team will form. Nathan is gathering names of volunteers.
  • National Youth Gathering:  The Cookie Walk on December 1st raised approximately $1,700. To date, the youth have raised approximately $11,000 but still need to raise approximately $24,000 to help defray costs for this trip.  Timothy’s group includes 26 youth and 6 adult chaperones.
  • Wish List:  When appropriate, the items on the GROW Commission “wish list” will be purchased to enhance education programs for all ages. Jacob Gorrow has agreed to research the “best deals” for the technology-related items.

Future Business:  Keeping in touch with our college students.

The meeting closed with prayer. Next commission meeting is Jan. 28, 2019.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:
Dec. 8-9—LWML Nut & Candy Sale, lobbies, both campuses
Dec. 9—Voters’ Meeting, noon, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Dec. 10—Executive Board meeting, 6pm, Room 1101, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Dec. 10—R.D. Mize ECC Christmas program, 6pm, Sanctuary, R.D. Mize Campus
Dec. 12 & 19—Advent Services, 4 & 6:30pm, R.D. Mize Campus
Dec. 14—TLS Christmas Program, 7pm, Wyatt Rd. Campus
Dec. 16—Christmas Caroling, 2:30pm, meet at R.D. Mize lobby
Dec. 24—Christmas Eve Services, 4 & 6:30pm, both campuses; 10pm R.D. Mize Campus
Dec. 25—Christmas Day Service, 10am, R.D.  Mize Campus
Jan. 2—First Fruits Prayer Service, 6:30pm, Sanctuary, R.D. Mize Campus
Jan. 5—JourneyMen “Prioritize Your Journey” Bible Study & Breakfast, 8:30-11am, Fellowship Hall, R.D. Mize Campus
Jan. 7—Installation of Lay Leaders
Jan. 8—Elected Elders meeting & Elder training, 6pm, Room 302, R.D.  Mize Campus
Jan. 14—Executive Board meeting, 6pm, Room 302, R.D.  Mize Campus
Jan. 26—Leadership Orientation, 9am, Fellowship Hall, R. D. Mize Campus
Jan. 28—GROW Commission meeting, 7pm, Room 302, R.D. Mize Campus