Message from the Elders

The Call Committee will have its first meeting on August 28th.  The goal of this first meeting is to get acquainted, establish priorities to include a timeline, and to finalize the congregational surveys.  The key part of the call process is to determine from leadership and from the congregation, what characteristics and qualities are desired in our next senior pastor.  After those surveys are completed and analyzed, the call committee will update the senior pastor position description. Once the position description is finalized, the call committee will seek pastor nominations from the congregation.  The nomination process will be announced to the congregation sometime during a November – December timeframe.  The nomination process will include the nomination form, the beginning and ending date of form acceptance, and submission instructions.  All nominations forms received will be forwarded to the Missouri District President.

Please continue to uplift Timothy, the divine call process, and each of the members in your prayers. Below is a list of the Call Committee members:

Charlie Cronkhite
Pam Dennis
Kate Force
Sandy Galvin
Jacob Gorrow
Diane Mayfield
Randy McClain
Mark Meyer
Donald Miller
Jeremy Montgomery
Angie Mundt
Stephen Schild
Tyler Shaffer
Melissa Struewe

Yours in Christ,

Stephen Schild
Director of Elders