Contact the information desk, 816-228-5300, to talk with one of the pastors about joining the church by new membership or transfer of membership. Both new and transferred can go through a DISCOVERY CLASSES which are offered three times a year and a membership orientation session.

Discovery Class consists of five classes that offer an overview of the Christian faith and what Lutherans believe. Our pastors teach these classes. The Bible is the main textbook and everyone is given the same type of study Bible with the same page numbers. Power point presentations are used with fill-in-the-blank sheets for each week to cover key concepts. Call the office (816-228-5300) to join the class or email us at

Orientation sessions share the mission and goals of Timothy Church that are unique to this congregation. We want to help people follow Christ in a life long journey of faith. This is how we describe a disciple. The pastors will introduce themselves to you and tell you more about themselves. You will also have the chance to make connections with others who will be joining at the same time.

New members are asked to kindly complete the new member survey. Also, sign-up for the Timothy emails providing social announcements, prayers and the weekly congregational newsletter.

New Member Survey

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