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Take the Lead Event


Identifying Your Chains. Asking God for help. Stand back and be amazed by God, the Ultimate “Chain Breaker”

Gather together with a group of Christian men for fellowship, some great food, and faith building time and song. Take the Lead is a great opportunity to meet some new friends, grow stronger in faith and enjoy an evening of time spent with God.

Register today! We look forward to an evening together. 

JourneyMen Take the Lead Event

Thank you for taking the time to register. We are glad you can join us and thankful you enable us to be good stewards of the gifts God gives us in hosting Take the Lead events. Let us know if you have any questions - The JourneyMen Leadership Team
    We know it helps some men take the step of attending such an event when they see someone registered they know. We also understand your right to privacy. Please let us know if we can include your name.

Look Who’s Attending

The following people attending have given permission to list their names:

1.    Rod Lindemann
2.    Randy Lindemann
3.    Bob Downs
4.    Ben Ryan
5.    Paul Lindemann
6.    Jacob Gorrow
7.    Gary Williams
8.    Jim Bush
9.    Paul Macko
10.  David Smith
11.  Gary Flandermeyer
12.  Rod Brehm
13.  Gene Bond
14.  Guest
15.  Jim Bertsch
16.  Donald Miller
17.  Don Kalthoff
18.  Grover Conde
19.  Dick Roe
20. Sam Downs
21.  Richard Pirch
22. Phil Kindle
23. Jacob Gorrow
24. Tyler Shaffer
25. Bill Mooney
26. Brian McCauley
27. Kevin Johnson
28. Randy Johnson
29. Randy Reese
30. Steve Schild
31. Mark Wenger