Joining Jesus - Timothy

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DATE:  Saturday, April 29th
TIME:  9am – Noon
PLACE:  Pointe of Hope Church
1215 NW Hwy 7
Blue Springs, MO 64014

Joining Jesus | He’s Calling!

What is Jesus already up to in the lives of people around you?  What is He up to in your own life?  What good can you do in the lives and community around you?

I don’t know if you know this, but the Kingdom of God is at hand!  Which means God has already begun His restoring and redeeming process in the world we live.  How do I know that?  Jesus Himself told us when He walked on this earth (Mark 1:15). God’s incredible kingdom and work is happening right now all around us, and God is not calling us to be salesman to sell the gospel.  Instead, He’s calling us to simply join Him with what He is already doing!

You’ve been hearing it over the past few weeks. Our focus here at Timothy is going to be walking together, learning how to JOIN JESUS ON HIS MISSION every day. We have begun this journey by diving into Pastor Greg Finke’s book Joining Jesus on His Mission. If you haven’t had a chance but would like to, we’d love for you to read this with us. You can contact Pastor Ryan for a copy or go to Amazon.

We look forward to this adventure together.  If you have any questions, contact Pastor Ryan @

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Greg Finke, Author

Take a moment an hear from the author, Greg Finke what “Joining Jesus on His Mission” is all about.