Dear Friends in Christ,

We have made it to fall! While we may not like the “new normal,” I appreciate your patience and flexibility as we have tried to find the best possible solutions to meet for in-person worship for those comfortable doing so and provide online worship experiences for those who are not at this time.

For the time being, we will continue with in-person worship at 9am at RD Mize and 10am at Wyatt Road. The 10am service will continue to be livestreamed on Facebook and will be available on Timothy’s YouTube channel shortly thereafter. The pastors and elected elders are monitoring attendance at the services and, if additional services are necessary, we will find the best way to provide them.

Starting October 4, one part of the service check-in procedure will change. Elders will give each family (or individual, if worshipping alone) an attendance slip just like the slips that were part of worship bulletins in the past. Please list the name of each person in the family in attendance and place in an offering plate in the lobby. The reverse side of the slip will continue to provide space for prayers which will be collected by pastors during the service. This change allows for more accurate church attendance records and better records for contact tracing, as recommended by Jackson County health officials.

Another change starting October 4 is the re-opening of the church nurseries for families who might need them during worship. Both nurseries will be staffed (Gwendolyn Meyer & others at Wyatt and Sarah Hinkle at RD Mize) for consistent practice. If nursery is unstaffed, parents will supervise their children. Until Timothy’s eMist equipment arrives, adults using the nurseries will need to clean everything that has been touched. The nursery at Wyatt has moved down the lobby area closer to the 4 G’s due to record enrollment at TLS this fall.

We thank you for your patience during this challenging time. Please continue to pray, not only for Timothy but also for everyone affected by the pandemic. May God continue to be with us as we navigate through this uncertainty, knowing He is traveling with us through it all.

Under the mercy,

Pastor John