The gifts and talents of Timothy’s members are wide and varied. Sharing those talents with others draws us closer to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Did you know one of Timothy’s seniors, Helen Kranz, enjoys creative writing? The following is a story written by Helen. If you know of others whose talents can be highlighted in eNotes, please let us know!

“An Unscheduled Trip . . . or, To Dance the Fandangle”

This time when I go, I won’t even take a suitcase as everything will be furnished. Normally when I go, I have 2 or 3 suitcases, and I spend hours planning what to take. This time I was offered a prize: an all-expense-paid trip, everything furnished!

This is a lovely August morning. A group of women in the area met together and listened to a speaker very knowledgeable about Israel and surrounding countries.

Yesterday I had been out and about, and later in the afternoon with all the traffic, had to park my car on the side street. Four of us women planned to meet at 2:00. I was looking out my balcony window and saw a convenient space available for my car—so I had time before the meeting and went down the elevator from the second floor lobby, hurried over to my car, and grabbed the vacant spot. As I was congratulating myself on such good fortune, my cell phone slipped out of my left pocket to the floor on the driver’s side. I just picked it up and put it on the dashboard.

I then proceeded to my apartment and sat down to rest for a few minutes. Suddenly, it was 2:00, and I had to go. The women were waiting for me. I saw the electric cord out of place, but I remembered my cell phone on the dash and could just make it down the elevator again to retrieve it. The cord got in my way and stopped me.

Someone said, “If you are going to go, there is someone going the same direction you planned to go, you can catch a ride.” My friend offered to quickly go down to me car for the cell phone. I did not want to miss the first stage of my trip so quickly responded, “Wait for me!”

It was a pleasant ride to enjoy the scenery on the way. We drove up to a large three-story, brick building with flowering shrubbery near the entrance and well-maintained ground. We were courteously welcomed, and each of us had our own room. We were directed to the various treatment areas, meals were catered, TV was available. We settled in, but in three days were sadly informed, “Your room had been reserved, you will have to leave—however, not too far from here is a spacious complex. We have reserved space for you.”

We were taken in the middle of the afternoon into a high-ceiling, well-lighted, large newly decorated restaurant. People were eating or moving around. Just off the lobby was a beautiful high ceiling chapel with colored windows. The facility offered daily activities and had been highly renowned for its four-star restaurant. We each had our own room again, and mine overlooked the lovely manicured lawn and trees with a glimpse of the moving traffic.

I must tell you of one experience—my first shower. I thought in the fine exclusive place, a shower would be special! My attendant approached me with a half cup of orange shampoo—I was not ready for so much. I asked first about the ingredients in the shampoo. She knew nothing about what they were, did not know the brand, only that it was for hair and body. I thought she was ready to pour it on my head! I took some on my fingers as she started the warm water. Boy, that was—too much! My hair was so soapy, I rinsed and rinsed, there was no conditioner. She handed me a washcloth covered with soap, the same soap? No, not again! There was an alternate spigot to use. She also set her (still half cup of soap) on the bar below the shower head. When I stood up to dry, my hand swept the cup across the bar, and most of the soap fell to the floor beneath my feel. I had to hold on to the upright bars. I was glad when that was over!

All in all, even if everything was furnished, I did miss my favorite brand of vitamins!

On the premises was a clothes boutique displaying beautiful summer indoor and outdoor fashions. My friendly, caring assistant help me choose several colorful outfits.

My vacation was soon over, and I was headed for home! By the way, did I tell you I had broken my knee cap?