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Why Use New Shelby Giving?

NEW online giving is part of the Shelby Church Management system Timothy has used for over 10 years.

For more than ten years, Timothy’s software program, Shelby, allows the church to manage both membership and financial information. The upgrade to ShelbyNext earlier this year allows for another opportunity for online giving. Currently, Vanco is available for online giving, but now there is a new option.

Contributing through ShelbyNext will be available soon. All credit card and ACH contributions will transfer directly, seamlessly, and securely from Timothy’s website. Contributing through Shelby provides greater consistency because it is embedded into Timothy’s software program already, whereas Vanco and PayPal are “outside” programs. Donors currently choosing Vanco for recurring contributions will continue to see those contributions come into Timothy as usual until they cancel their giving through Vanco. Look for more details soon.

Please reach out to Chris Krenz to update your online giving. Timothy Lutheran is trying to move away from using the Vanco option.


Will I Receive a Receipt When I Give Online?2020-11-06T13:42:52-06:00

Yes. You will be emailed a donation receipt each time you give. Again, we recommend creating an account so you can view all your online giving history.

Do I need to Create an Account?2020-11-06T13:42:09-06:00

No, but we do recommend creating one so that you can view your online giving history. Also, you will be asked to create an account if you’d like to setup recurring donations.

What Payment Methods do you Accept?2020-11-06T13:41:18-06:00

We accept donations from credit/debit cards as well as your Bank Account (our recommendation). While we’re happy to accept your donation by any means, Bank Account donations cost significantly less, allowing more of your gift to go towards ministry.

Is my giving information secure?2020-11-13T12:05:57-06:00

Absolutely. Any personal or financial information you enter is encrypted using SSL security – the same state-of-the-art security measures used by online retailers, banks, and other financial institutions.


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