Next Generation Timothy Lutheran

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you know, Timothy is studying options for the Congregation’s future ministries and the facilities needed to support those ministries. This study was prompted by unsolicited expressions of interest in acquiring the RD Mize campus by 2 other congregations. The full study is designed to learn and understand all the ramifications of 3 fundamental facilities options.

  •  Option 1 – Maintain both campuses

  •  Option 2 – Sell the RD Mize campus & consolidate at Wyatt Rd

  •  Option 3 – Sell the Wyatt Rd campus & consolidate at RD Mize

Nothing is more important to that effort than understanding the thoughts you, the members of Timothy Congregation, have on the decisions to be made.  Gathering those thoughts is the purpose of this anonymous survey.

Timothy Congregation has many ministries – some of which will be impacted by any facility decision.  Some ministries currently use facilities at one campus and some use both.  The role each of those ministries will play in Timothy’s future will have impacts on the decision making process.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful participation in this important process for the future of the congregation. 

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