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The Call Process for Senior Pastor

Timothy Call Committee

Call Committee Reports

Call Committee Meeting Minutes August 28, 2018

Timothy Lutheran Ministries Call Committee Meeting Minutes  August 28, 2018  7pm  Fireplace Room The first meeting of the Call Committee for selecting a new Senior Pastor was held on August 28, 2018, with Charlie Cronkhite, Pam Dennis, Kate Force, Sandy Galvin, Jacob Gorrow, Diane Mayfield, Randy McClain, Donald Miller, [...]

September 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

Message from the Elders – Call Committee Update

Message from the Elders The Call Committee will have its first meeting on August 28th.  The goal of this first meeting is to get acquainted, establish priorities to include a timeline, and to finalize the congregational surveys.  The key part of the call process is to determine from leadership [...]

August 22nd, 2018|0 Comments

Letter From Elders #1 – Call Process

Grace and peace to you from our Lord and Savior! This is the first of many messages that you will receive over the next several months to keep you informed and up to date on the call process for our next senior pastor.  Once Timothy leaders were notified by Pastor Rich he [...]

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Timothy’s Call Process for Senior Pastor

Timothy’s call process for a new senior pastor is underway. The Executive Board President, Director of Elders, and our two associate pastors held a meeting on June 19th, to discuss the transition period and the need to fill the call vacancy. The first thing in filling a call vacancy is [...]

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Call Committee Progress

  • Elders meet with District President – Completed

  • Call Committee Applications Available – Completed

  • Call Committee Applications Received – Completed

  • Call Committee Selected

  • Call Committee Commissioning Aug. 5th

  • Call Committee First Meeting August 28, 2018

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