Call Committee Meeting November 6

From Call Committee—Tyler Shaffer & Diane Mayfield, Correspondent/Recording Secretary
Call Committee met on Nov. 6 with Charlie Cronkhite, Pam Dennis, Kate Force, Sandy Galvin, Jacob Gorrow, Diane Mayfield, Randy McClain, Donald Miller, Angie Mundt, Stephen Schild, Tyler Shaffer, Melissa Struewe and Rev. Scott Lemmermann attending. Mark Meyer and Jeremy Montgomery were unable to attend. Randy McClain opened with prayer.

Chair Steve Schild reviewed progress to date. The final drafts of Congregational Self-Study, All-Congregation Survey and Executive Summary, and Senior Pastor Position Description have been prepared.

At the Annual Voters’ Assembly Meeting on Dec. 9, Steve will present the Senior Pastor Position Description for approval by the Assembly. If approved, the Nomination Form will be printed on the reverse side of this position description during that meeting in order to distribute to anyone interested in nominating a pastor for our vacancy before the meeting concludes. If the Assembly votes to amend the position description, the amendment(s) will be put to a vote during the meeting so that a final  position description is approved before conclusion of meeting. Nomination Forms may be submitted from congregation members between Dec. 9, 2018 and Jan. 7, 2019.

The committee reviewed an extensive list of potential interview questions for candidates. For now, a list of 15 questions was selected. The list may be revised closer to time for interviews based upon information received from District about each candidate.

The next Call Committee meeting is set for Feb 5, 2019 if information from District has arrived for committee to review. An alternate date of Feb. 12, 2019 is also set if information from District has not arrived by Feb. 5.

Pastor Lemmermann closed the meeting with prayer.

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