Dave Smith’s JourneyMen Devotion

“Are You Thirsty?”

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. –John 4:13-14

This is my 9th year of being a “Pool Boy.” We opened our swimming pool earlier this year, and despite cooler temperatures than normal until recently, we have been able to get in a good amount of swimming. Due to the early pool open and cooler temperatures, my ‘Pool Boy” maintenance has been easier than normal. This includes something I didn’t plan on, which is not needing to add water into the pool, not even once. I am sure the pool will need water added as the temperatures heat up and God stops sending the amount of rain He has provided since the pool opened. But for now, my pool continues to not be thirsty, being supplied with all of the water it needs. How about you? Are you thirsty? Are you being supplied with all the “water” you need? Or do you need to be filled up again?

In ways, I am like my swimming pool. When we (my pool and I) have enough water, we thrive. Having the water we need enables us to function and do our best. At times, the refilling of the water comes almost without notice. Over time, we can come to expect it to happen. And then it occurs. God’s rain providing us with the water we need slows down. The temperature heats up, draining us of needed water. We eventually reach the point that we don’t have enough water to properly function. We are no longer thriving. We are then surviving! We find ourselves in need, praying for more rain, and water. How about you? Are you like my pool and I? If so, then what is the solution? How can we quench our thirst?

Closing Thought: My swimming pool needs water. I need water. You need water. The water that you and I need is different than the water my swimming pool needs. My swimming pool will become thirsty again. It will need water added in. Usually I add water in through my home’s garden hose. By comparison, we will also become thirsty again, but the water we truly need we actually already possess!  This water is “living water.” Living water has already been given to us by Jesus himself. Even when we feel thirsty for water on earth, and we will feel thirsty a lot, we actually have the water we most need in us through Jesus amazing gift of “a spring of life welling up to eternal life!”  Are you thirsty? Then go to the well of living spring water that Jesus has already given you, through faith, and take a drink from the well of Jesus! Remember, only Jesus can truly quench your thirst, both now, and for eternity!