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Men's Devo Bible Study

South Campus - 6:30am - 7:30am

Men's Devo Tuesday Morning

Join a group of Christian men who meet weekly for fellowship and Bible study discussing challenges of being a Christian man in today’s world. The group is led by four leaders who rotate each week offering insight into the Word of God with group discussion. It’s never to early to start your day in God’s Word.

Tuesday Mornings


South Campus – Wyatt Road

Thursday Men's Bible Study

2nd and 4th Thursday 7-8:00pm Room 501 (North Campus)

Thursday Evening Men's Bible Study

Thursday evening is your night to dig deep into God’s Word. Be challenged to grow in your faith while gaining a deep understanding of God’s purpose and will for you life. This group is open to all men and led by Pastor Rod Lindemann.

2nd and 4th Thursday Evenings

7-8:00 pm

Room 501 North Campus (R.D. Mize Road)

Saturday Men's Bible Study

Saturday 8am - 9am, Room 501 North Campus

Saturday Morning Men's Bible Study

Weekends are a great time to gather with Christian men in fellowship and Bible study. Start your day in God’s Word with a group of men who are ready to get serious about living a life of Christ through selected book studies. Now is a great time to start on your journey which leads to our final destination.

Saturday Mornings

8-9am pm

Room 501 North Campus (R.D. Mize Road)

JourneyMen Overnight Retreat

God Is On The Move Image 3

Attention Men!

God was on the move in the beginning creating all and then leading man to move with Him, sometimes even as a cloud. God was on the move when he raised Jesus back to life, and gave us His promised Holy Spirit to help sustain and guide us, daily. God was on the move giving us His Word, and continues to be on the move today through His living scriptures, speaking to us as we read and hear them. God is on the move in us, impacting our daily life, even when we don’t recognize or acknowledge it. God is on the move! The key question is, ARE YOU? Is God not only working in you, but also through you? Are you on the move, with God? If you are on the move with God, then keep moving! If you are not, then Now is the time to move, with God!

Information and Registration for Men’s Overnight Retreat

Upcoming Events

JourneyMen Spring 2019 Heit’s Point Retreat
April 26-27, 2019 (Save the Date)

JourneyMen Fall 2019 Heit’s Point Retreat
September 27-28, 2019 (Save the Date)

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