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Men’s Bible Study – Dream Big

Men’s Bible Study – Dream Big

All of us have ambitions and long to do more in this life. But we also have all kinds of distractions, misunderstandings, and assumptions blurring what we need to do to bring our dreams to life. In order to tap into our deepest passions and unleash the purpose God has for us, we must assess our understanding of who we are and how God sees us. We must sort through the messages we have been given and find our truest ambitions. This includes looking at disappointing areas of our lives as well as those we perceive as failures.

Dream Big is a five-session study in exploring your hopes, dreams, ambitions, and the real purpose God has implanted within us. Each session will explore a different aspect of what it means to dream big through the teachings of Bob Goff. There will be an opening question, a brief Bible reading, and then we will watch a short video by Bob on the evening’s topic.

The good stuff, however, comes after the video, when we dig deeper into each topic in a guided small-group time. This makes space to process the message and get practical about what it means in your life. You will discuss your responses, ask questions, and hear more about the dreams that God is revealing in the lives of others.

So, are you ready? Then it’s time to rediscover how to dream big. Dream Big will be co-led by Steve Schild and Pastor Rod Lindemann.

Visit the JourneyMen web page at www.TimothyLutheran.com/Journeymen/ for additional information.

Session 1 Get Ready to Dream Big
Session 2 Set Absurd  Expectations
Session 3 Clear  the Path
Session 4 Push Through Setbacks
Session 5 Land the Plane

Men’s Bible Study – Dream Big
Starting April 15th
Thursday Evenings – 6:30pm – 8pm
RD Mize Campus – Room 501

JourneyMen Bible Study

Men’s Bible Study – Dream Big
Starting April 15th
Thursday Evenings – 6:30pm – 8pm
RD Mize Campus – Room 501

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